DC -Epicenter of Corruption- Awaits the Coming of the NWO


It feels like the order we have all taken for granted since the end of the Cold War is badly decaying, and has gotten so fragile that it might well shatter soon, wrote Damir Marusic of Wisdom of Crowds

Our foreign enemies must see us as floundering and flailing, inward-looking, guilt-ridden, risk-averse, apathetic, and lacking courage. Our secret rulers, who are hiding behind Joe Biden, as well as our foreign enemies, know that the moment has arrived to make the world safe for autocracy.

We don’t stand up for our freedoms. Many don’t realize what is at stake. They are blinded by media disinformation and hate.

We now bear the burden of rigid intolerance that divides us. Those who want to preserve the nation are dehumanized.

Communist China’s Xi and the Autocracy of Russia are forging alliances as China threatens Taiwan and Russia menaces the border of Ukraine. In fact, it is clear that China is taking over the world and forging a kingdom in space.

A world governed by Maoist China will be a dark and foreboding one without freedom. Once engulfed, there is no coming back.

After Biden spoke ‘sternly and aggressively’ with Putin, the Russian President sent 100,000 troops to the Russia-Ukraine border.

After the pullout from Afghanistan, we can no longer assert moral authority in the world. We are pathetic.

We Stand For Nothing

The world knows we stand for nothing under the Biden Regime, certainly not for our own values and freedoms. We’ve allowed foreigners who do not share our values to pour in and not assimilate.

The Western World is destroying their countries with massive illegal immigration, and the collapse of economies for the sole purpose of developing an autocracy of the collective.

It is the New World Order coming about under The Great Reset which the elites are planning as we speak.

They even want our main means of transportation under the guise of climate change:

In order to make it happen, the United States as we know it must be destroyed and that is exactly what is happening. We cannot be a superpower. For this to work, the US can only be a cog in the wheel of poverty and enslavement, our wealth and resources redistributed.

When will we fight for this great country instead of allowing hateful, anti-American propaganda in our schools, namely the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory? When will we realize the Left is taking away our freedom to practice our religion freely, to speak, to write what we want. They want our guns, our privacy, they want it all.

As for privacy, we have none.

The J6 select committee, acting as a Star Chamber, put out a sweeping subpoena for the records of Republican members of Congress including one who was kicked off the committee by Nancy Pelosi herself — Jim Jordan. Others subpoenaed recently: Lauren Boebert, Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, Madison Cawthorn, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jody Hice, and Scott Perry. None of them had a thing to do with the riot on J6. There is no cause and there is no crime. This is unprecedented.

CNN reports that more than 100 other people [political opponents] have had their cell phone records seized by this committee. Other telecoms besides Verizon have had records requested from them but Verizon seems to be the only company notifying named subscribers. Other cell phone providers are likely just turning over this information without notifying their customers.

Liz Cheney will leak some, others will be saved for an opportune moment.

They don’t just get their records from, say AT&T. They get the records of anyone in contact with them. That is how broad this is. What they have at the end is private information they can use to frame and coerce their political opponents.

Only Verizon notified its customers of the subpoena. The other providers are likely just submitting the data without notification.

This gives Democrats and turncoat Republicans a HIT LIST. Don’t forget that the establishment Republicans are fighting to preserve their own little autocracy. There is also a deep state. The swamp is real. DC is a haven of Hell.

Watch Joe Rogan:

This is why Mark Meadows is suing and it is a very important lawsuit.

Where are the civil libertarians?

Violent Brownshirts — Antifa, Black Lives Matter, their affiliates — rule over our blue cities with no pushback from our rulers.

We don’t know what lies ahead for the United States but it appears to be feudal or worse.

These are strange and darkening times.

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