Our Nation’s Capital & Most Cities Are Sanctuaries for Anyone


When they tell you they want to keep the collective you safe so give up your guns and your freedoms, look around and realize none of that is true.

They want to keep our nation safe for autocracy. This is the New World Order they’ve yearned to have for so long.


Our nation’s capital is a sanctuary for any foreigner who decides to settle there. It could be a criminal, terrorist, communist, deadbeat, anyone, and this is our capital.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas‘ new rules discourage immigration enforcement near sensitive locations. Sensitive locations prevent enforcement pretty much everywhere.

Schools and hospitals have long been no-go zones, but Mr. Mayorkas added food banks, homeless shelters, child advocacy groups, community-based organizations, school bus stops, daycare centers, and any other places where children might congregate. He said enforcing the law “near” those locations is virtually barred, reports The Washington Times.

Mr. Mayorkas said people, including illegal immigrants, deserve to access services unfettered. Therefore, anywhere they get them should be considered off-limits except in exceptional circumstances.

Why do they deserve these services? For the most part, even if they pay taxes, it’s off the books and they get it all back through child tax credits.

Immigrant-heavy areas, Capitol Hill, downtown, most of the city south of Anacostia River are filled with no-go zones. Even parks and arboretums are mostly off-limits because children could be present.

The rules apply not only to arrests but also to other “enforcement” actions such as tracking a target or conducting surveillance on a home or worksite.


Under the Biden Regime, you could draw the same map in just about every major US city, says the Times. Most US cities are blue and Democrats have made them into foreign countries.

There are still some very limited circumstances in which ICE can do their job, but the rules are so intimidating and all-encompassing, there aren’t many. Agents have to get permission to go after the illegal aliens, even if they are criminals. The result is it lets them escape, and they usually don’t get permission anyway. Basically, there is no interior enforcement. Anyone can come in and destroy us in any way they want, much of it through political undermining.

This has gone on since Obama but Mayorkas made it much worse.

Mayorkas also changed the name of the arrest-limiting policy from “sensitive locations” to “protected areas.” He said he wanted to make clear that these areas should be considered no-go zones unless there are truly extraordinary reasons.

In New York City, the nation’s largest city, all illegal aliens, whether they be communists, terrorists, criminals, can vote in municipal elections. With Motor Voter, they can vote in all elections and no one will check. The lowest estimate of that number is 800,000.

This is a clear path for our enemies to empty out their prisons, send their spies, overwhelm us with the totalitarians from around the world. At the same time, CRT and 1619 teaches the children lies and anti-American hate.

It’s a perfect storm.

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