DCCC Clown Show Alert! Chair Issues Fake Statement About Rittenhouse


The vicious Democrats’ lies about Kyle Rittenhouse is extreme and downright evil. Instead of apologies, they’re doubling and tripling down.

The DCCC Chair Rep. Sean Maloney said about the verdict, “It’s disgusting and disturbing that someone was able to carry a loaded assault rifle into a protest against the unjust killing of Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man, and take the lives of two people and injure another – and face absolutely no consequences.

“It is clear that our legal system has one set of rules for some Americans, and very different standards for others. People are right to be outraged, and they are right to be outraged at the violence that disproportionately hurts people of color and the legal system that fails to hold the violent accountable.

“We must continue the fight to end police violence against Black Americans and stand up for issues that affirm their humanity while working to engage the hearts and minds of the American people as we journey forward in the struggle to achieve justice for all.”

Nothing in that statement is true — nothing. First of all, Jacob Blake is alive. Blake was shot in the commission of a crime and the police were exonerated.

There was no protest. There was a violent riot. Kyle didn’t take the lives of two people. He saved his own life after being attacked by three Antifa criminals. He shot three and killed two to save his life as they attacked him.

The police and Black issues have nothing to do with Kyle Rittenhouse. This chairperson is making it a Black-White issue when it clearly is not.

The DCCC reissued the statement, noting that Jacob Blake was wounded, not dead.

Everything the Chair said was deliberately dishonest and meant to rile up the base and increase the divisions between Black and White people. Democrats appear to want a race war.


Here’s the correction:

At least we have the Babylon Bee to make us laugh through the Democrat Clown performances.

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