Kamala Harris Trashes the Rittenhouse Verdict by Lying About Her Record


Kamala Harris is rewriting her own history. Her comment about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict included a delusional description of her own career. Sha claimed, “The verdict really speaks for itself. As many of you know, I spent a majority of my career working to make the justice system more equitable, and clearly, there is a lot more work to do.”

This is from a woman who was a brutal and unfair attorney general in California.

Remember when she brutally prosecuted pro-life David Daleidan for exposing Planned Parenthood and companies they deal with for selling unborn baby body parts illegally.

Instead of going after the organizations committing the crimes, the state of California, led by then-attorney general Kamala Harris, went after the undercover reporters who exposed the illegal activity.

During the presidential debates, her primary opponent Tulsi Gabbard cornered her on her awful record.


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2 years ago

Tulsi Gabbard would have been a far better choice for VP but she didn’t fit the image Obama had of putting two totally incompetent dolts on the ballot as running mates.so he could still call the shots in his third term as the exalted one, As he ushered in his plan for Communist control and become the ultimate tyrannical despot in perpetuity as America’s Marxist czar.

Cackles the Clown
Cackles the Clown
2 years ago

Saw a great tweet from someone called Black Socialist which was a mosaic of all the black men that the Kamal locked up beyond their release dates and used for slave labor in a sort of watermark upon her laughing face artwork.
She might be the most hated VP in the history of the USA.
Someone who set up a fund to bail out the CPUSA burn it all down brownshirts should keep quiet because her puny fits in a thimble intellect will get her in trouble.