De Blasio & Cuomo continue to hunt down Jews In New York


When did it become acceptable to target Jews in America? Are we going to repeat the past? New York City Mayor de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo act like anti-Semites hounding and hunting down any Jews who dare to gather or forget a mask, and even when they don’t.

Now they are giving summonses to empty Yeshivas because they are on a list.

A list sounds very ominous and reminiscent of Nazi Germany.


Governor Cuomo is an abrasive bully with unfettered power given to him by the legislators and the media. He wields this power unchecked and irresponsibly.

If you read the MSM reports last week, you heard that about 10,000 people were expected to attend” the wedding of the Grand Rebbe’s grandson.

The New York TimesThe Hill, New York’s NBC 4ABC Newsthe Daily Beast, the Miami Herald, Britain’s Daily Mail, Australia’s Business Insider, and other countless other outlets reported it, and not one checked to find out if it is true. 

In fact, only “a small circle of close family members” were expected to attend the ceremony and celebratory meal. Warnings about masks and social distancing were sent to guests in Yiddish.

Cuomo didn’t even bother to check or even call the Rabbi. Instead, he issued an order to stop the non-existent 10,000-person wedding that our nasty media grabbed on to and relished in broadcasting. There were never going to be 10,000 or even 1,000, nothing like that.

Reporters descended on Williamsburg on Monday; something locals did not appreciate. Further, harassment and anti-Semitic graffiti continue apace for New York’s Orthodox Jews, as the false and dangerous narrative that Orthodox Jews deserve unique blame for COVID-19’s spread, National Review reported.

Thank Democrats Cuomo and De Blasio, and especially thank their incompetent media.


The constant assaults on Jews in New York City, which have gone on for years under de Blasio’s reign, don’t get the same attention targeting Jews ‘gathering’ does.

When Muslims gather, and they do, nothing is said or reported. When mobs of communist protesters create mayhem, that’s okay too. Most of the outbreaks are from kids in bars and have nothing to do with the Hassidic community.



  1. I suspect the next item on Warren Wilhelm Jr.’s list is Juden badges since not all Jews dress alike nor look Hasidic. His actions bring back the days of Judenrein and align with Richard Spencer. He could call in Spencer to solve his “Jewish problem”.

    There were some who, you could say, knew what was to come. An opinion piece in Hamodia had it on target.

    “Imagine if an unrepentant Nazi Party sympathizer would be running for mayor of New York. A product of the ideology that destroyed 25 million people within reach of City Hall would be unthinkable. Yet Bill de Blasio, a Marxist who has never repudiated those beliefs, will very likely be this city’s next mayor.”

  2. I feel bad for any persons of Jewish ancestry who will vote for the CPUSA.
    Some union fam who are unpersons have already voted for comrade kommissarina Harris as part of the Great Leap Forward.
    I hold them in no regard and there is no love lost.

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