De Blasio is blowing federal pandemic tax dollars on more spending


Communist Mayor de Blasio is spending the federal tax dollars meant to relieve the city from the pandemic on unnecessary and extravagant spending.

De Blasio has new spending of $234 million for a cleanup corps. It will be used on street sweepers which is what the sanitation workers are supposed to do.  In addition, $37 million will be used to hire even more government employees.

De Blasio modeled the new City Cleanup Corps after a “New Deal-style” program to put 10,000 New Yorkers to work making the city “cleaner and greener.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a front-running candidate to replace de Blasio, has said he’d disband the corps if elected because “we already have a Sanitation Department.”

The Biden stimulus funds will also reverse what Hizzoner claimed was necessary belt-tightening during the pandemic, with the mayor taking $21 million from Uncle Sam to repay municipal workers furloughed for one week last year.

He is going to use some funds to revive Broadway.

Illegal immigrants who weren’t eligible for pandemic relief – 500,000 of them – will get stimulus money.

This year’s final budget proposal is the biggest in city history. At $98.6 billion, the plan is over $10 billion more than the spending total just a year ago.

Groups like the CBC have criticized de Blasio’s plan for saddling his successor with deficits of nearly $4 billion — a figure that grows to almost $5 billion unless the city scores major concessions from its labor unions.

The Biden administration gave the term-limited de Blasio a virtual blank check to spend $3 billion in unrestricted American Rescue Plan funds during his last six months in office. The remaining $3 billion in unrestricted funds must be spent after May 2022, when the city will have a new mayor.

The city received $4.3 billion of the funds Monday plus another $1.7 billion for the boroughs. Another $9 billion coming to the Big Apple is earmarked for specific purposes like education and controlling the coronavirus. In all, the Big Apple will eventually see $15 billion from Uncle Sam.

This is your federal tax dollars at work. People in Florida, Nebraska, and other responsible states get to pay for this lunatics spending.

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