Best Ending Ever for the Little Boy at the Kansas City Chiefs Game


This update is just too good!

CBS News started a string of bad publicity about a little boy named Holden Armenta at a Kansas City Chiefs game donning an Indian headdress and wearing black and red paint in honor of the Chiefs. CBS only showed half of his face painted black, which set off Carron Phillips at Deadspin. Phillips, without checking his facts, demanded the NFL act against this “racist” child.

This is the fun news! The child is an Indian!

His mom, Shannon Armenta had shared the report of Real KC Chiefs Fans and on her own page that her son Holden Armenta is Native American.

According to a Sportskeeda fact check, the little boy is Native American.

However, his lineage gives him the right to do so because his grandfather, Raul Armenta, is a Business Committee Member of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians.

The federal government has officially recognized the Santa Ynez Reservation in Santa Barbara County since December 1901. It’s the only federally recognized Chumash tribe in the United States and has its own tribal constitution.

CBS News reporters are troublemakers. It’s a new low for them

Collin Rugg at Trending Politics tweeted a great clip of Holden doing the Tomahawk chop, and that is allegedly racist. It’s not, but anything American or fun is on the leftist PC people’s chopping block. They have to divide us on everything. Black players didn’t think it racist. They imitated him.

The deranged Deadspin tweets are all gone now.


Deadspin published a hit piece on a 5-year-old boy who is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. They claimed the child was a racist for wearing blackface.

The publication only showed the right side of his face and conveniently omitted the left side, which was painted red for the Chiefs.

They must have been desperate for news, and they are quite despicable for doing it.

They used the child to bash the Chiefs for allegedly being racist. They won’t change their name, which must irritate the control freaks.

Dan Le Batard shared a tweet saying the kid contradicted the NFL’s vow to “end racism” by attending the game. Other users have called for the child to be banned from future matchups. A buffoon named Carron J. Phillips at Deadspin demanded the NFL act.

The child wasn’t in blackface.

There were also complaints because he wore a headdress.

Wearing a headdress is almost always meant as a compliment, but there are always those people who will be negative and nasty about anything.

Double face paint is common and has been the practice for decades.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
3 months ago

Reading this story was a great way to start the day. What could make it even better is to read this young man’s family has hired the same attorneys Nicholas Sandmann used to win millions in his defamation suit against CNN and the Washington Post. Would love to see them make the world a better place by putting Deadspin out of its misery

3 months ago

Carron Philips a deranged miscreant deleted his deranged tweet like the coward commie he is. Hey Carrie how bout calling out the true haters…your own party. Trail of Tears and slavery was all democrats. True to form, your kind has to attack another innocent Native America.

3 months ago

Let’s Go Commies!