Debanked! Dr. Mercola Pleads with Chase to Reinstate His CFO


Dr. Joseph Mercola put out a tweet to JP Morgan Chase, pleading with the bank to reinstate the account of his CFO, who was debanked along with him, his CEO and wife and two family members. The CFO’s seriously ill husband relies on the account. Dr. Mercola cc’d Gov. DeSantis and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Please reinstate the account of my CFO whose husband has advanced dementia and multiple health issues requiring 24/7 care in the Philippines. Her husband’s pension and medical expenses rely on this account, and it will be exceedingly challenging for her to correct this matter under the current circumstances. I realize my opinions regarding COVID differ significantly from your CEO Jamie Dimon, but there is no reason to punish my employees and their families.

Several people – doctors – are calling for a boycott.

As Sentinel reported, Dr. Joseph Mercola was debanked by Chase Bank, and no reason was given. Two of his family members, the CEO and his wife, and the CFO were also debanked as of August 11. Chase will not give a reason for legal reasons (lawsuit?), but we know the power of the ESG scores. ESG, Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is a powerful social credit score for investors, controlled by the far-left who have no self-awareness. They don’t even know they’re far-left.

Most people believe they are debanking him because he criticizes the COVID vaccine. Chase wants a good ESG score.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, wields power over investors with other people’s money to force through his leftist values. Vanguard and State Street join him. Fink recently said the far-left and far-right have hijacked the term “ESG,” embarrassing him so he won’t use the term any longer. However, who believes he isn’t still using his power?

Most conservatives believe they will debank the Right if they don’t obey. You want a gun, they might not let you bank. Debanking could be the least of your problems if you criticize vaccines or elections. If they can charge Donald Trump for crimes that aren’t crimes, they can get you.

Houston from Chase Tower

JPMorgan Chase will shut down bank accounts for companies owned by vocal COVID-19 vaccine critic Dr. Joseph Mercola. The primary accounts for businesses owned by Mercola, including Mercola Market, will be shut down next month.

“Financial institutions have an obligation to know our customers and monitor transactions that flow through our customers’ accounts,” reads a shutdown notice that was issued to Mercola, according to a report from the Epoch Times. “After careful consideration, we decided to close your account because of unexpected activity on these or another Chase account.”

Accounts for Mercola Market, CEO Steven Rye, his wife, chief financial officer Amalia Legaspi, and two members of her family will also be closed. Account holders were told to move their funds to a different financial institution and informed that their accounts would be closed on August 11.

D.C. and corporations like this bank and Big Pharma are in bed with each other; it’s fascism. At least, that is what the father of fascism, Mussolini, would have called it.

This video is interesting. The narrator calls it Stalinism. It seems there are elements of Stalinism and Fascism in the globalist agenda led by wealthy elites.

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