Debate 2020: 10 times Wallace was an impediment or MIA


If you liked President Trump when the debate started, you still like him, and the reverse is true in Biden’s case.

Chris Wallace was a problem. His questions were too long and he didn’t address any of the blatant lies. For example, Wallace ignored Biden saying Hunter didn’t do anything wrong while his father was vice president. The question we didn’t get an answer to was did Hunter enrich himself at the USA’s expense?

Chris Wallace was a disaster who chided Trump, pressed him with questions far more than he did Biden. Questions and topics were geared towards leftist agenda items. Wallace appears to be a man of the left, really left.

President Trump had a good line at the beginning — I guess I’m debating you, meaning Chris Wallace. That was the case.


Biden met the extremely low bar set for him with only a couple of brief seconds of verbal stumbling although James Woods thinks Biden was caught with a wire:

Biden also didn’t answer questions thanks to Chris Wallace letting him skate:

Biden lost on the peaceful transition he says he wants:

The debate was fiery. Joe Biden called President Trump a liar, a clown, and, at one point, said, ‘would you shut up, man.” Biden started out saying everything Trump says is a lie and everyone knows it.

Trump did not call him names but let him have it when he said he wasn’t smart. Trump reminded him of his bragging about having top grades in college when he performed at the bottom.

Trump didn’t explain that he paid $18 million in corporate taxes which are his personal taxes. That was a problem for Trump. He probably did pay $750 for each of two years but he also paid $18 million under the corporation, which are his personal taxes.


Biden will eliminate all of Trump’s tax cuts which will mean hundreds of billions in increased taxes on Americans.

On the economy, Wallace had zero questions of Biden despite the anemic Obama-Biden economy.

Wallace took up too much time with his questions and interruptions. He also cut the President off several times, especially when he was making good points.

During the COVID segment, Biden basically accused the President of killing the Americans who died of COV.

Biden ignored the travel bans implemented by Trump and rambled about Trump killing people. Biden piled on and the fact that he would not have instituted any travel bans was lost.

Wallace was mostly MIA on that, although he did corner Joe on the vaccine.

“I don’t trust him on the vaccine,” Biden said. That is so irresponsible. People will die without the vaccine.

There was a discussion about masks. Trump said, “He could be speaking 200 feet away and he’d have the biggest mask on you’ve ever seen”


Biden’s absurd reason for not opening up businesses is because he needs a plan on how to get money to them to open up so he won’t open up.

The solution is actually to open up and the business owners will take care of the rest. The federal government is in deep debt and the Democrats want trillions from us, the federal taxpayer, to cover failing blue states.

Trump said Biden wants to shut down the economy—points to Democratic states that are keeping businesses closed. That is a strong argument.

Wallace never went back to Joe to ask him about his anemic economy.

Wallace teamed up with Joe on this and never questioned Joe about packing the courts beyond the first question. He let it go (obviously, he will pack the courts):

Wallace cut Trump off when he was making good points.


The two got caught up in the personal aspects of Hunter Biden cozying up to China. He didn’t address the corruption.

Trump hit Biden with his son and his cozy relationship with China and the wife of the mayor of Moscow. Biden insisted it’s been debunked although it has not been.

Biden called President Trump a clown again and wouldn’t respond to the question about his seemingly corrupt son Hunter. Eventually, he said his son beat drug addiction.

Wallace never questioned Biden about this.


Biden came across as very soft on crime.

The former vice president wants community policing where mental health people accompany the cops on 911 calls.

Biden accused Trump of killing Black people but Trump turned it back on him. Biden went on about systemic racism and it’s inherent in law enforcement. He’s going to call groups together at the White House and solve it.

President Trump asked him what peaceful protest means — riots, burning down cities?

Trump won big here. Wallace should have asked Biden what law enforcement groups support him.



Wallace asked about Trump ending critical race theory and seemed quite annoyed by Trump disbanding it. Trump described it as radical, racist, and destructive. They were teaching people that this country is horrible and racist.


Wallace didn’t ask Biden to respond. He was MIA.


President Trump scored points on law and order. Biden has no reply as to why he was silent about the violence in the demonstrations and in criminal matters.

Wallace asked Biden what does reimagining policing mean and does he support Black Lives Matter calling for defunding the police. Biden’s “reimagining” policing answer is total left-wing blather.

Wallace actually asked Trump to condemn white supremacists. When Trump tried to bring up antifa and BLM, Biden and Wallace geared the conversation back to white supremacists and KKK.

Trump told Biden the radical left will have him wrapped around his finger.

Biden actually said Biden is an idea, not an organization. WOW!


Wallace brought up the Charlottesville lie without noting that it has been debunked. He sat mute. That was very dishonest. Biden misled.

That’s when Trump went into antifa and Biden said it was an idea.


Senile Joe got away with lying about the Russian bounty on soldiers’ heads. Wallace was AWOL again.

Biden is going to move to alternative energy, and there will be no more coal or oil plants. He’s going to rejoin the Paris Accord because, he said, without it, meaning the Accord, “everything is falling apart???”

The Paris Accord forces successful countries to stop burning fossil fuels and turn their resources and money — in a huge wealth redistribution — to underdeveloped counties so they can burn fossil fuels.


Who won the debate? Well, that’s up to all of you. But Hispanics say Trump won:

Hispanic voters overwhelmingly picked Trump as the winner. In fact, Trump crushed Biden 66/34 regarding who they think won the first duel. It goes in keeping with the polling data that Trump has been doing well with Latinos. You see this in Miami-Dade County, Florida, a key Democratic bastion, where Trump has been doing mighty fine with this voter bloc, causing some Democrats to worry. Telemundo’s poll didn’t help assuage the fears.

It’s not clear how good this poll is:



  1. Yes,and he shamelessly asked Trump to let his supporters “stop rioting”.
    He was so biased that I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Biden had been informed of the debate topics prior to everything.

  2. A “debate” in which one candidate is permitted to lie with impunity, all the while calling the OTHER candidate the liar, is no debate at all.

    wallace should be on cnn or msdnc with all the rest of the Trump-hating fake media.

    • Wallace should retire as the has been he is. The worst choice for a moderator FOX could make. But they’ve made poor choices before and will continue to do so, Donna Brazille is a case in point she adds nothing in any of her commentary.
      Chis Wallace is a pompous arrogant interfering mouth piece for the left. As moderator he thought he could control the President and was giddy over that idea. Think again Wallace, No one elected you and you couldn’t control the slugfest that was called a debate. And you certainly didn’t control your obvious bias against President Trump and for the senile democrat candidate Biden who was wearing a wire. James Wood wasn’t the only one who noticed it . Wallace you FAILED to do your job.

  3. Nothing is More sickening than having post debate media “debate the debate”.

    Many right-wing pundits were saying Trump interrupted first. I don’t think that was the case. I noticed almost immediately Biden made some remark at the beginning while Trump was talking. It was pretty damn clear from early on that Trump’s main opposition was the “moderator”. This morning a Fox reporter had the “nerve” to speak about the candidates not respecting the moderator. Why didn’t the moderator make the statement, “That’s why we are here” when Biden says “it will become an issue” to answer the question. One thing is for Certain, Wallace must be one of the most ignorant moderators Ever. He was clueless on many subjects.

  4. Very simple,if Americans elect this half-way corpse called Joe Biden and choose the ideology which he represents,America will definitely lose the Second Cold War
    and disintegrate like former USSR,
    because everyone would believe it’s “systematically” evil and “fundamentally racist”

    First China exhausts America’s economy and its national wealth with unfair trade deficit made possible by inequal tariff,sweatshop cheap labor and technology theft,The USA grows weaker and more dilapidated every year and yet more and more addicted to cheap Chinese merchandises like a late-stage junkie who know he will meet his certain death and still can’t pull himself out of it

    Secondly they form so-called “United Front” with the American Leftists,discontent racial minorities who believe they are discriminated on a daily basis by the entire American System,and corrupt politicians, intellectuals and the so called opinion leaders,only to facilitate the point of view that America is so evil,it was founded by evil and its entire history is evil,that there is nothing of worth to this country ,to this system and its Constitution,that its values are all wrong and that it’s so racist and hostile to minorities

    If this gradual soft attack,this Confucius wit or Tai Chi or whatever thing keeps continuing,one day the United States of America as you know it and all that it has achieved by generations of Americans’ sacrifice and hard labor will be lost ,this country would be doomed like the former Soviet Union

    Time and opportunity to contain this dangerous foe is painfully running out ,in nearly 20 years Trump Administration is the only one in this country to be clearheaded enough to realize what’s been going on and to try to take counter measures,
    give Liberals another 4 years or 8,you can basically kiss goodbye to American way of life and Western Order based on Rule of Law and Constitutional form of Government

    • I wanna warn you all of an existing reality,and you must realize it. If you wanna kill a hydra with nine heads which is American Left,you should know which head is the main head to cut off

      The narrative of the Western Liberal medias and Western Academic scholars are highly similar to that of the mouthpieces of CCP ,the slogans used by Antifa and especially BLM is exactly the same as those of anti American Maoist propaganda,and Biden & Democrats blame the whole Covid19 pandemic and all its tragedies on Trump exactly like the Chinese disinformation campaign ,do you believe these are coincidences ?

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