Kellyanne blasts ‘creepy’ Joe for twisting her words & don’t sniff her hair


Kellyanne Conway called out ‘creepy/sleepy/weepy Joe.” He twisted what she said about violent nationwide protests. Biden tried to make it seem as if she was encouraging violence to help President Trump’s re-election.

It’s not what she said and Biden should know that, but with his dementia, who knows.

She said he “lied” during the debate about previous remarks she made.

Conway made her comments after Biden referenced her during the debate. He was recalling a Fox News interview in August when Conway said:

I also noticed there was a quote today from a restaurateur in Wisconsin saying, ‘are you protesters trying to get Donald Trump re-elected?’ He knows full stop and I guess Mayor Pete knows full stop that the more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on whose best on public safety.

I was in Fort McHenry last night when Vice President Pence gave his impassioned plea and one of his biggest applause lines in that audience, standing ovation, is when he talks about the thin blue line. He talks about how we would never defund the police. We have more generously resourced and we’re deeply respected, our military veterans, our police, our border protection, and other law enforcement officers keeping us safe.

After that, Biden claimed during an interview on MSNBC that Conway said that the rioting was “better for us.”

Biden said, “I have a quote here from Kellyanne Conway, she said, ‘the more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, it equals, it’s better for us, it’s very clear choice it presents for us.’”

He is such a liar.

During the debate, Joe claimed WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE that Trump was trying to cause chaos because it would help him on the campaign trail. Then he said”

And by the way, you know, his own former spokesperson said, ‘You know, riots and chaos and violence help his cause.’ That’s what this is all about.

Conway responded on Twitter, writing: “Thanks for debate shout-out, creepy/sleepy/weepy JOE, but you lied. And don’t sniff my hair, either.”

She also retweeted Mollie Hemingway’s story on Medium:



  1. Very simple,if Americans elect this half-way corpse called Joe Biden and choose the ideology which he represents,America will definitely lose the Second Cold War
    and disintegrate like former USSR,
    because everyone would believe it’s “systematically” evil and “fundamentally racist”

    First China exhausts America’s economy and its national wealth with unfair trade deficit made possible by inequal tariff,sweatshop cheap labor and technology theft,The USA grows weaker and more dilapidated every year and yet more and more addicted to cheap Chinese merchandises like a late-stage junkie who know he will meet his certain death and still can’t pull himself out of it

    Secondly they form so-called “United Front” with the American Leftists,discontent racial minorities who believe they are discriminated on a daily basis by the entire American System,and corrupt politicians, intellectuals and the so called opinion leaders,only to facilitate the point of view that America is so evil,it was founded by evil and its entire history is evil,that there is nothing of worth to this country ,to this system and its Constitution,that its values are all wrong and that it’s so racist and hostile to minorities

    If this gradual soft attack,this Confucius wit or Tai Chi or whatever thing keeps continuing,one day the United States of America as you know it and all that it has achieved by generations of Americans’ sacrifice and hard labor will be lost ,this country would be doomed like the former Soviet Union

    Time and opportunity to contain this dangerous foe is painfully running out ,in nearly 20 years Trump Administration is the only one in this country to be clearheaded enough to realize what’s been going on and to try to take counter measurements,give Liberals another 4 years or 8,you can basically kiss goodbye to American way of life and Western Order based Rule of Law and Constitutional form of Government

      • If you wanna kill a hydra with nine heads which is American Left,you should know which head is the main head to cut off

        The narrative of the Western Liberal medias and Western Academic scholars are highly similar to that of the mouthpieces of CCP ,the slogans used by Antifa and especially BLM is exactly the same as those of anti American Maoist propaganda,and Biden & Democrats blame the whole Covid19 pandemic and all its tragedies on Trump exactly like the Chinese disinformation campaign ,do you believe these are coincidences ?

      • “United Front”is a lifelong tradition of the Chicom and they are very good at it,it was essential for how they brought down KMT regime,go search it on wikipedia

  2. Okay, so I watched the beginning again, and NO, Ari Fleischer and others, Trump DID NOT interrupt first. After the first two-minute segment each, and Trump’s first rebuttal Biden interrupts him, saying, “Elected until the next election”, which didn’t really make any sense. Trump makes a couple statements and Biden once again interrupts and Trump cuts him off, and then does it again. That’s when Wallace steps in and says open discussion and gives the floor to Biden.

      • Someone said it last night and when Ari said it also, I just had to check. My memory seldom fails me. I truly get sick of Ari’s sanctimony. He decided to do a Rove and bring his own damned whiteboard. I’ve never liked Monday morning quarterbacks who believe they are the experts in success. These same people didn’t think Trump could win the first time. My response to all of them is just shut up.

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