Debate on forcing people to be tested or vaccinated and masked


Laura Ingraham and Professor Dershowitz debate depriving people of their constitutional rights on airplanes. The vaccine does allow the spread of the virus.

Will this apply to the flu and pneumonia?


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2 years ago

Here’s the real problem. We are getting more and more information that the “Vaccines” may not work as advertised. The Government is all but outlawing IGG testing, so we don’t know just how many people have Natural Immunity. I have Positive IGG tests, but that isn’t considered valid even when many people who have had the Vaccines show no IGG response. In other words, they were vaccinated, but their bodies did not apparently produce antibodies. This would explain why there are so many break through cases and the so called vaccine is just a therapeutic which only lessens the impact of the COVID virus. I suspect my exposure was over 18 months ago in Asia and was I was asymptomatic. Even though I’m well into my 60’s, I never get the Flu or even a Cold.

The Government is selling us a fraudulent bill of goods. Yes, a Therapeutic may be a good thing, but there are other therapeutics out there. The real test should be a Positive IGG test, then we should look to see if there are break through cases from people with actual immunity. Historically, Actual Natural Immunity has been better than LAB RAT immunity. Why is this all of a sudden different with SAR-CoV-2 when everyone admits that they don’t know a lot about Covid-19 yet? It’s almost like the CDC doesn’t want to find out just how wrong they have been about Covid-19.

Finally, actual studies on the use of cloth mask and N-95 mask against a virus say they are useless. Thus this is yet another CDC Fraud! This is why Bureaucrats should have Zero Mandate Powers. Only a Legislative body should have the power to pass laws; Mandates are Faux Laws. We shouldn’t be dealing with knee jerk policies from Bureaucrats who clearly have no idea as to what they are doing and what real science is. These Crackpots have literally destroyed one of the best US Economies in 50 years because of their total incompetence.

The Right To Nothingness
The Right To Nothingness
2 years ago

Then it isn’t a vaccine but a therapeutic. (h/t-Dilbert Adams)
You have the right to nothing under the new management.