Decision Desk declares Biden 46th President! Fraud or ballot harvesting?


Pennsylvania was just called by the Decision Desk (see below) and they declared Biden the 46th president of the United States.

Who is the Decision Desk you ask? Just another media outlet but they will all say the same thing shortly. If Biden is seen as the winner, even before it becomes official, it makes it harder to defeat him in court.

Who died and made the media the authorities on who the President will be? Expect more media to follow suit. As Tucker Carlson said on his show, the media plans to decide who the President is.

He will be the first senile plagiarizer to take over as United States president.

As for the other races, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are now neck and neck in Georgia, with the Democratic nominee ahead by 917 votes early Friday morning. Both candidates have 49.4 percent of the vote.

There are now 11,000 votes that remain uncounted in the state across seven counties, in addition to the 8,900 overseas and military ballots that are due at 5 pm.

Georgia carries 16 electoral college votes and could tip the win for Biden if he holds his Arizona lead.

Neither Arizona nor Nevada says they will give their final results until Friday. North Carolina won’t give Donald Trump a win and said they will decide on November 12th.


The far-left Pennsylvania Attorney General already said he couldn’t see any way Trump wins. We also have the Soros-funded district attorney in Philadelphia. But is it fraud so much as it is ballot harvesting?

Democrats are now going door-to-door in these states to ‘correct’ ballots.

Democrats are doing what they did in Orange County in 2018 — ballot harvesting, and voting with loosey-goosey drop boxes until President Trump loses.

Thanks to Democrats, we now have Third World elections. If they succeed in doing the same thing in the Senate, and they are trying, the country as we know it is over.


Democrats are close to taking over the country in that state after state is falling into their hands. Remember when we won Texas with 30 points and Georgia was reliably red?

The corrupt ballot harvesting should have been banned by Congress. It is always how Democrats planned to win this election.

Why do you think Democrats have been so overly-confident despite having a mentally unfit candidate for president and an unlikeable communist as his running mate?

We believe the corrupt voting methods used in some states is the reason why and their trial run was in Orange County, California.

There are drop boxes everywhere and there is no chain of custody. In Pennsylvania, voter ID is essentially erased since signatures don’t have to match. The votes keep rolling in because dates don’t matter either.

We don’t know if there is election fraud so much as the legalization of corrupt voting methods that were allowed to take hold. While there might be some fraud, unless it is very significant, it won’t affect this election. Also, once Biden gets to 270, the Electoral College will give him the election. It is not likely the Supreme Court of the United States will want to intervene at that point.

Personally, I never believed the Trump is despicable mantra. It was a typical Alinsky approach — make your enemy so unlikeable, no one would dare support him. Every candidate would have been treated the same way.

Josh Hawley explains the problem of legalized corruption to Tucker:

But it’s not over and we must fight. Wake up freedom lovers! Now!

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