Decline in hospitalizations and vent use since re-opening Florida


Florida Governor DeSantis tweeted on Friday afternoon, “Since Florida entered Phase 1 on May 4, ICU hospitalizations for COVID patients are down 21% and ventilator use by COVID patients is down 32%.”

On April 21, DeSantis, who was slammed for not ordering a shutdown of his state, slammed the wild predictions of mass hospitalizations that had been promulgated about his state, asserting, “Those predictions have been false. Our work is succeeding; we have flattened the curve.”

That’s all we were supposed to do, not wait for a cure.

DeSantis stated, “I think it’s been a team effort here in Florida. We’ve got great public health people here at the county level, we’ve worked very good with the local governments as well, and we still have more work to do. But clearly, we have done way better than all the experts said we would and I think we did it by a data-driven approach.”

He is in Phase I of the reopening.

He’s still being slammed. Truth and success don’t matter to the Stalinists.

Governor Kemp also took heat for opening up everything quickly. Even the President criticized him. As it turns out, it was the best thing he could have done.

Clay Travis, an influential person. is coming out and speaking up. We need more people to do this.

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Mommygov Über Alles
Mommygov Über Alles
3 years ago

The sound of crickets from the enemedia. This is the first place that I have heard about it.
Time for a replay of George Carlin’s EPIC fear of germs rant from You Are All Diseased (1999).
He was way ahead of his time on certain topics and those kind of thinkers are my favorites.