House passes $3T socialist bill with some Republicans


The most expensive bill in history, a socialist $3 trillion bill, passed the House this evening. Democrats hailed it. They’ll also be there playing fiddles when the US burns under unaffordable debt too.

It narrowly passed 208-199. Fourteen Democrats voted “no,” while one Republican, Rep. Peter King broke with the GOP and voted “yes.” It’s not clear if he’s the only Republican who went to the dark side, but in any case, Pelosi can say it’s bipartisan.

Much of what is in the bill has nothing to do with the virus.

“If you don’t understand the suffering, you haven’t been paying attention, said socialist Dem Rep. Nita Lowey, (D-NY).

We have seen it, we’re living it, which is why we wanted only targeted bills, not lifelong socialism embedded in our nation.

In the bill, there are poison pills. For example, the bill gives deportation protection to almost every illegal alien in the country, which means it will be forever. It also puts them on a quick path to citizenship.

It allows marijuana shops to access banking services. Someone needs to explain to me what that has to do with the virus.

It includes mail-in voting, which is very open to corruption.

Despite the fact that the bill is loaded with socialist freebies and goodies, Pelosi, D-Calif. said it’s not.

“This is not a Christmas tree, there’s nothing joyful about this,” Pelosi said. “This is a very strategically planned piece of legislation.”

She planned it with just a few Democrat elites in secret and with no Republican input.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., chided members who pay lip service to first responders and heroes but don’t back it up with money. “Put up or shut up,” Waters told her colleagues. “Now is the time to do it.”

Dubbed the Heroes Act, it gives money to teachers, nurses, firefighters, basically union workers, and it extends unemployment so we will never get people back to work. Two-thirds of those on the current unemployment get more on that than if they were working.

There is hazard pay in the bill to put that concept into the nation’s psyche — another entitlement, another human right.

In addition to sending checks of $1200 to adults and children, checks will go out to foreigners who don’t belong in the country.

Pelosi couches it as a bill to help our heroes but most of it has little to do with them and everything to do with setting up socialist ideals.

Giving out cash to people without properly targeting it when we are deeply in debt is insanity. Just open up the government and stop spending! Pelosi is a Stalinist witch. Shut her down and Rep. King should be ashamed of himself.

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