Deeply In Debt NYC Wants an Office of Black Male Excellence


Bronx City Councilman Kevin Riley has introduced a bill to create the “office of black male excellence.”

“We are dedicated to addressing systematic inequalities and create pathways for opportunities for more black and brown men in New York City,” Riley said.

Black male excellence sounds racist.

Hopefully, they will open an office to handle black male gangbangers and irresponsible Dads.

Kevin Riley

“An office of black male excellence liaisoning [sic] with our city agencies will ensure that the intersectional needs of this group are considered in policymaking and essential program implementation,” he added.

“The office would provide recommendations on the education of black men; criminal justice; health; mental health; economic opportunity; employment; fatherhood; mentorship; violence; public safety; quality of life …”

Sounds wasteful.

They have a similar program in Boston that costs $1.3 million. Democrats only know how to tax and spend. If we got a good look at what they spend money on, it would make us sick.

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