Defector says WOKE culture is like North Korea


Woke America is like N.Korea

Defector Yeonmi Park reveals she was mugged in Chicago by three black women but when she restrained one she was called racist and forced by white bystanders to let her GO.

Yeonmi Park, 27, made the allegation during an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Tuesday. She said she was mugged in Chicago in August of 2020 by three black women.

When she tried to call the police, she was called a racist by white bystanders.

Three black women approached her and one of them stole her wallet. She held the arm of the thief while trying to call the police. The thief then punched her and managed to get away, Park said.

Chicago Police said they arrested Lecretia Harris, 28, in connection with the theft. Harris struck a plea deal and a two-year prison sentence.

Park said that the WOKE culture in the United States reminds her of her childhood in North Korea. She sees herself as an “enemy of the WOKE.”

In the socialist paradise of North Korea, she said there were no words for “rape, freedom, love,” and other words that reflect individualism like “I” and “we.” They control people with language. It’s only collectivism all the time.

Joe Rogan is deeply concerned about the coming totalitarianism.

Listen, Go to 118.41:

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2 years ago

Coming? It is here and voting means nothing as of November 03, 2020.
Some soft fruity white guilt ridden sh1tlib puke will be the one to turn you in to the Red Guard VAX team, probably from your own family.
Meanwhile the precious diversity pets don’t give a crap about them or their white guilt cult talisman.
My ancestors arrived in early 1900’s and there is no guilt.