Twitter restricts Trump’s spokeperson, Liz Harrington’s account


Twitter has restricted Liz Harrington’s account. She is Donald Trump’s spokesperson. The unusual activity could be election-related posts or her post quoting Trump slamming the anti-American Megan Rapinoe. Donald Trump’s endorsements don’t likely work for Jack Dorsey and his far-left crowd of censors.

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Biotech Is Godzilla
Biotech Is Godzilla
1 year ago

Wow, I’m surprised anyone affiliated with Trumpster is still on there.
I might go on there if you paid me, nope.
I’ll go live on Walden Pond and eat tree bark before giving the Satanic-Marxist forces of evil any free intel.

As Peter Thiel put it: “We were promised flying cars. We got 140 characters.”