These are the not-white-supremacist people committing NY hate crimes


The suggestion the media makes continually is that white supremacists, which they equate with Trump supporters, are attacking Asians, Muslims, and Jews. These types of attacks occur in our major cities and primarily in lawless places like New York City and San Francisco. See a few of the latest and tell me why the media thinks white supremacists are behind the hate crimes.

Anti-gay, anti-Asian

On Saturday, June 5, 2021, at approx. 7 PM, in front of 340 West 50th Street, Manhattan, a black male, not a white supremacist, approached a 57-year-old male, threw a liquid on his back, and made anti-Asian and anti-gay statements.

Then there’s this. The 58-year-old passed away and she was Asian.

Also, not a white supremacist:

Here’s an anti-Muslim attack and the perp is not a white supremacist:

Anti-Semitic attack – not a white supremacist – not white at all:

Anti-Catholic attack by a black male, probably not a white supremacist:

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Not Really
Not Really
2 years ago

Turn in your guns comrades as we have achieved full unity.