Defense press secretary Kirby knows what’s going on from social media


We have people in charge in this administration who are truly clueless. While we all blame Joe Biden, it’s hard to believe anyone thinks he’s in charge. We still have that image burned into our minds of him alone in Camp David staring at a TV screen with our intel officials apparently briefing him. If he was running things, he would not have been alone or on vacation during the crisis in Afghanistan.

The people running things are Susan Rice, Ron Klain, Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin and they answer to whom? Barack Obama? There are numerous others appointed to high-level positions, not because they are the most qualified, but because they meet some unimportant physical characteristic. It’s insanity.

WOKE doesn’t work.

Spokesperson John Kirby shouldn’t be judging anything from the fake social media world as he indicates in the clip below. It’s not the real world. This man must have been promoted for political reasons. He doesn’t seem too alert.


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