Woke Wales says the word ‘Welsh’ and the language is racist


WOKEism is now going to destroy Wales — along with the rest of the Western World.

The Arts Council of Wales, which is publicly funded, commissioned the research that cost £51,000, and branded the body’s policies as “racist,” along with those of National Museums Wales. Both organizations have now accepted the findings of the report. The findings come after Welsh arts groups and professionals appealed for a report on racial inclusion at these organizations as they raised concerns that “Welsh meant white” and that “Welsh could exclude Black and non-Black people of color,” according to The NY Times Post.

The report further added that both the Council and National Museums Wales uphold “white supremacist ideology” by limiting opportunities for minorities.

It also stated that policies on promoting the Welsh language could lead to exclusion of non-white people.

In other words, the word ’Welsh’ is racist as is their language.

The report was carried out by the Welsh Arts Anti-Racist Union and stated that a feeling of exclusion “links to the concept of ‘Welshness’ altogether, which often disregards Black and Non-Black People of color as the ‘other’ – there is a notion that if you are not white, you cannot be Welsh.”

What utter nonsense.

There were suggestions:

One of those included “relaxing the emphasis on having to speak Welsh, and providing opportunities to learn on the job.”

Another said: “Job sharing in roles that may require Welsh language proficiency, where a black or non-black person of color who doesn’t speak Welsh can work alongside a Welsh speaker.”

It further added: “The continual exclusion and disregard for black and non-black communities is not due to willful ignorance; it is due to a calculated and repetitive pattern.”

This is beyond stupid. This is a case of control freaks forcing their absurd thinking on others who are submitting. It’s irrational.

They’ve lost their minds over there. They put the entire country on solitary confinement over nothing, and declared themselves a ‘nation of sanctuary for some irrational, unfathomable reason. Liberalism is dead throughout the Western World and fascism and neo-communism is in.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

I once worked with a Welshman in Saudi Arabia. I made the comment alluding that Welsh born Tom Jones was American. No, he did not become a naturalized US citizen but you would have thought I had personally invaded Wales with the might of the US military. My Welsh coworker was furious. So when this happened I firmly believed Welshmen were real men and patriotic to their country. I guess I was wrong. Use to think Aussies were too. I appears I was wrong about them too.

The Truth Til Dawn
The Truth Til Dawn
1 year ago

Will enough YT’s wake up to the danger that they are in?
Think buffet, drink, dope, porn, sportsball, teevee, indoctrination posing as education, gotta get mine materialism.
Fundamental Transformation means no more whitey.

John Vieira
1 year ago

It is absolutely fascinating how Systemic Ignorance has wheedled itself into the global fabric…and is rapidly being supplanted by Systemic Stupidity….