Defund the FBI, the Polls Be With Us


It is time to defund the FBI. It’s simply too big. All of the executive agencies are too big. If Republicans regain power, they must do this.

In light of the FBI raid on President Trump, look at these polling numbers from Trafalgar.

Voters Believe There are Two Tiers of Justice in America

Nearly 80 percent of American voters say there are currently two tiers of justice in the American justice system: one set of laws for politicians and Washington D.C. insiders vs. one set of laws for everyday Americans. 


Voters Believe the Feds are Corrupt58.5 percent of voters believe that federal bureaucracies in Washington D.C., like the EPA, CDC, IRS, have grown too large and only serve their own political interests. 

Voters Say the Federal Bureaucracy Too Big, Focused on Pushing Political Agenda Rather than Serving Americans

  • 63% of Hispanic Voters Agree Agencies like EPA, CDC, and IRS are Too Large and Only Serve Their Own Political Interests
  • 55% of Independents and 90% of Republicans Also Agree
  • 73% of Democrats Believe Federal Agencies Effectively Serve the American People 


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