Defund the police agitator Alyssa Milano calls 911


Police flooded onto her property to protect her.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Hollywood radical Alyssa Milano called the police for help, even though she agitates to defund the police.

She called 911 which sparked a massive police presence in her quiet California neighborhood claiming an armed gunman was on her property. But it was really a teen shooting at squirrels with an air gun.

Seven Ventura County Sheriff’s vehicles, one K-9 unit, a police helicopter, and one LA Fire Department team sat down the street as standby.

It was just a kid shooting squirrels, but the irony is almost too much to believe.

This dummy pushed Black Lives Matter to defund the police by 90%. The Hollywood has-been is also promoting an effort from Black Lives Matter activists called the “People’s Budget L.A.,” which would defund the LAPD by 90 percent.

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