Degenerate magazine for kids Teen Vogue is into menstrual witchcraft now


Teen Vogue is a terrible magazine for kids. It’s teaching children all the wrong things and corrupting their young minds. Yet, it continues to be read.

Teen Vogue, a degenerate’s magazine for kids as young as 12, published what is, even for them, a totally bizarre article on how to use menstrual blood for witchcraft.

The article, titled “Menstrual Blood Magic: 3 Spells For Your Period,” is the latest installment of their “practical magic” witchcraft series.

The author of the weirdo piece, Lisa Stardust begins by saying “We’ve all seen how that stigma is spread, from tampon commercials showing women discreetly discussing their periods to the way we hide our own menstruation when it’s our ‘time of the month.’ Rather than play into this patriarchal shame, witches and other masters of magic believe menstruation is a gift from nature.”

She claims periods are magic, especially during a full moon.

Stardust lists “some ways to use menstrual blood to create your own personal magic.”

“Menstrual blood can be used in spells to ward off evil and protect us if used properly,” the author wrote, in a magazine for kids.”

Teen Vogue is notable for spreading communism so crazy witchcraft stories aren’t a big leap for them.

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