DEI, Instruction in Hate for the New Americans?


An article by Tony Lentini at American Thinker is a good and short read about DEI, diversity, equity, and inclusion. His article is titled Discrimination, Excommunication, and Indoctrination, touching on the inherent evil of the program.

What has me concerned about DEI is we have millions of people pouring into our country from all over the world. They are not coming to be Americans. They have been invited here to share in freebies or a so-called better life. They are given benefits our homeless Americans aren’t getting; some are coming to change the country, not for the better.

These people will send their children to the schools, and they will be taught Marxist programs like DEI and CRT, which are nearly synonymous. They are anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-American. It’s destroying America now, and it will get worse as the people pouring in send their children to our schools.

This is the beginning of Mr. Lentini’s article:

DEI, the acronym for so-called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that has infiltrated and infected American society, is like so many things in Biden’s America, the exact opposite of what it claims to be.

Diversity as practiced in contemporary America, has been corrupted to mean “exclusionary”: “You are diverse as long as you are non-White, non-religious, unpatriotic, LGBTQ+ and ascribe to our politics and belief system.”  Otherwise, you will be shut down and shunned in education, employment, expression, the judicial system… everywhere.  You will be canceled.  There is a word for this, and it’s not “diversity.”  It’s discrimination.

It is open season on White people, especially White males.  The owner of the submersible Titanic exploration vessel, who died in its implosion, intentionally discriminated against “50-year-old white guys” in hiring, dismissing the safety and operational expertise of former submarine commanders.  His bigotry ended up killing him and four other passengers.

“White privilege” and “White supremacy” are bandied about like the N-word throughout formerly polite society.  Employers regularly — and illegally — discriminate against White people in hiring and force White employees to undergo communist-style self-criticism sessions.  Our schools and universities are no better, with no-Whites-allowed clubs and dorms and demeaning exercises designed to make White children aware and ashamed of their so-called privileged status. Read more

Lentini’s new wording for DEI – Discrimination, Excommunication, and Indoctrination – is appropriate. The ideology is anti-white, cancels and excludes people who disagree, and indoctrinates the youth. The ideology is visibly evil. What are these so-called intellectuals doing?

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
5 months ago

Thank you for n excellent article.