DEI Is Ruining American Universities


University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill stepped down from her role as president, although she kept her tenure as a professor. This followed her congressional testimony where she and the MIT and Harvard presidents refused to outright condemn the mob’s calls for the genocide of Jews.

Harvard’s President Claudine Gay is in trouble. News of potential plagiarism in her dissertation has gone viral, and the school board called an emergency meeting yesterday. MIT is standing behind President Kornbluth.

President Gay apologized, saying “I should have had the presence of mind to do in that moment was a return to my guiding truth, which is that calls for violence against our Jewish community — threats to our Jewish students — have no place at Harvard, and will never go unchallenged.”

“My truth” comes from the Marxist-based critical race theory now taught under the name DEI or Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. Oppressor-oppressed class warfare scenarios guide the entire DEI theory. It’s taught in schools, government, businesses, and even entertainment.

According to this theory, White people are always the oppressors and Black people are always oppressed. It makes villains of whites and helpless victims of blacks. It’s highly destructive of society.

So, when you see college youth mindlessly screaming for the genocide of a race of people or performing Die-ins, you will know they have been immersed in DEI. Jews are classified as oppressors.

There is no objective truth in DEI or CRT. Truth is whatever the person’s experience says it is, but only under the dark cloud of oppressor and oppressed.

A Black person’s truth always holds precedence over a white person’s truth.

In the world of these woke, DEI-educated Presidents, Jews are oppressors.

As insane as this is, this is what students are taught in these universities.

Five hundred woke professors signed a petition to keep President Gay, not because she is a brilliant scholar – she isn’t. However, she is from an oppressed race, and that’s all that matters.

Can you imagine what would happen if the Palestinian youth were subjected to this kind of abuse? Or if LGBTs were?

The double standard is obvious.

October 7 is far beyond Jewish people. When they are done with Jewish people and Israel, they are coming for you and me.

According to writer Wesley Yang, the reason “Gay should not have been hired in the first place — she promised to infuse all scholarship and instruction at Harvard with DEI — is the reason she was hired.”

It’s hard to believe that anything Fareed Zakaria says would be noteworthy, but what he says in this clip is – that universities need to go back to research and learning and forget politics and indoctrination:

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2 months ago

Democrats are morphing into fascists. The nature of the world is; things are the way they are because through a long process of evolution nature found what works. Now this people are the ones enlightened with a better way to bring fundamental change to the things that work. They are zealots and condemn anyone who doesn’t play along. Their hive is in institutes of ‘higher’ learning where one would expect a fairly reasonable level of intellectual maturity. Instead, unorthodox ideas are not allowed, speakers are shouted down with third-grade chants like good, little, mindless fascists. This was one of the things radical movements like the Nazis and Stalin did to attain power. It’s why Einstein got out because he saw it coming, the making people stupid to accept their capture.

2 months ago

Lunatics are running the asylum in lunatic today’s America; lunatics inhabit the asylum, lunatics vote other totally unqualified lunatics into office, and meanwhile the educational asylums are ruled by lunatics who pretend to believe in global warming as they believed in the efficacy of the COVID vaccine. Press lunatics publish lies that lunatics swallow whole. It won’t be long until the few sane people left will have to lock themselves into asylums to be protected from the assorted lunatics holding high office, low office or no office whose lunatic aim is to cleanse the country of anyone who has not bought into the lunacy.