Sen. Paul on Bombshell Revelation That Will Bring Dr. Fauci Down


During an interview with Maria Bartiromo, Rand Paul claimed that there was an “orchestrated” Wuhan lab leak coverup. He suggested further that Anthony Fauci and the CIA are obstructing Congress from investigating years of bio-weapon funding.

Senator Paul accused Dr. Fauci of orchestrating the cover-up about the origins of the COVID-19 virus. He said that Fauci persuaded scientists to publicly deny the likelihood of the virus originating from a laboratory, even though they believed otherwise.

“He [Dr. Fauci] convinced them [scientists] in public to say the opposite,” Sen. Paul said. “He commissioned and edited a paper that said that absolutely this did not come from a lab, while privately all of these same scientists were saying in all likelihood it did come from a lab. So there really was an orchestrated cover-up on this.”

The Kentucky senator said that Dr. Fauci visited the CIA and expressed concerns that the CIA influenced the narrative.

“We also now know that he [Dr. Fauci] was visiting the CIA scientists, seven of them voted 6 to 1 to say it came from the lab, and then superiors reversed them. We need to know whether Anthony Fauci influenced the superiors or perhaps the opposite. Did the CIA influence Anthony Fauci?”

He accused Dr. Fauci of covering up his role in funding Wuhan and then lying about it to Congress.

“We have evidence, yes, that they were dishonest, that Anthony Fauci lied in hearings to me, which is a felony, punishable up to five years. We now have emails that show him saying that he knew it was gain of function, that the virus looked manipulated, and that he was worried that this came from the Wuhan lab,” Sen. Paul said.

“We also know that there was a safety committee that should have reviewed this. And we know that Anthony Fauci went around the safety committee. The safety committee set up in place to make sure this wouldn’t happen never saw the Wuhan funding because Anthony Fauci allowed the funding to go around the safety committee.”

“He was also in charge of a lot of bio-weapons money and a lot of things that had dual use, and [the CIA] won’t reveal any of this to us,” said Paul.

“This is a bombshell revelation, and this will eventually bring down Anthony Fauci,” Paul said.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 months ago

Hope they get the ‘slippery dodger’ this time around….next go for ‘Killary’???