DEI-“Programs for Unemployable Mediocrities”- Slashed Up to 90%


After vocal commitments following the murder of George Floyd in 2020, DEI programs in the tech industry are disappearing, slashed up to 90%

Some companies have laid off DEI staffers and leaders of diverse employee resource groups, downsized learning and development programs, and cut budgets for external DEI groups by as much as 90% in 2023, sources told CNBC.

The cuts come as the tech industry doubles down on artificial intelligence. With fewer diverse voices represented in AI development, the resulting products could be less accurate or more harmful to users, CNBC claims.

The harm is coming from DEI no matter what CNBC thinks. DEI isn’t completing its mission of mercy unfortunately, it’s actually picking losers as winners, but they’re still losing, and winners are squeezed out.


ABC News reports that DEI initiatives are intended to address workplace culture and conditions, such as inaccessibility in the workplace for disabled people, poor retention rates for workers of color, and other inequalities [such as lack of talent, intelligence, or commitment] faced by marginalized groups.

They are also an op-ed PC initiative by some organizations.

According to CNBC, some companies are slashing DEI programs by as much as 90%, and that is great news for the marginalized normies. As Will Hurd says, “DEI exists to be jobs programs for otherwise unemployable mediocrities who ruin everything they touch.”

According to CNBC, after vocal commitments following the murder of George Floyd in 2020, DEI programs in the tech industry are in broad retreat.


Some companies have laid off DEI staffers and leaders of diverse employee resource groups, and their programs, cutting budgets for external DEI groups by as much as 90% in 2023, sources told CNBC.

CNBC claims the use of AI and the loss of DEI could be harmful to users. Duh, no. A lot of the younger people will think so after their education at leftist universities. CNBC claims these companies who abandon DEI will have trouble forming relationships with their DEI stakeholders after slashing the program – that’s meant as a threat.

From September 2019 to September 2020, job postings for diversity, inclusion, and belonging positions on the hiring website Indeed rose by 56.3%, the company said. The report by ABC News regrets the loss.

Bud Light found out the hard way.

A LinkedIn study found that chief diversity and inclusion officer positions grew by 168.9% from 2019 to 2022.

The honeymoon is over,” Cecil Howard, a DEI consultant and former chief diversity officer at the University of South Florida, told ABC News.

“Right after George Floyd’s killing, everybody who didn’t have a diversity office quickly created a diversity office,” he added. “A few years later, they started realizing, ‘We checked the box and things are a little quieter now.'”

One in three DEI professionals lost their roles over a one-year period ending in December, the survey said. Over that period, the study added, non-DEI workers experienced a relatively lower attrition rate of 21%.

The job losses owe to several trends: a sluggish economy that prompted cost cuts, a softening of the scrutiny that held corporations to account over racial justice, and a rise of conservative backlash against DEI, some DEI professionals told ABC News.

What they won’t tell you is the programs destroy meritocracy and hire and promote illegally based on skin color or who the person sleeps with.


Instead of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Gov. DeSantis said the acronym should be reinterpreted as “discrimination, exclusion and indoctrination.”

In February, Gov. Abbott’s office ordered state agencies to stop using diversity, equity and inclusion programs in hiring, calling them “illegal.”

They are illegal, however well-intentioned some people may be. Marxist-based DEI is illegal under our Constitution.

New Geography confirmed that corporate and university Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) departments are being slashed, and increasingly seen as both burdensome and discriminatory toward whites, Jews, and Asians. One-third of DEI professionals lost their jobs in 2022. Brands that posted Pride Month messages in 2022, such as Lego and Miller Lite, have abandoned such posturing. Even the Navy deleted Pride-related messaging from Instagram and Twitter.

Jewish donors have especially seen the light and were shocked by where this was going. [We tried to tell them. It took a horror in Israel on October 7 for them to see the light, and they’re smart people, but too ideological at times]

Democrats too are beginning to rebel against the oppressor-oppressed ideology that allows criminal violence by an allegedly oppressed group. They don’t necessarily like the open assault on merit, and the ethnic divisions. After all, they’re often white too.

The American Mind:

This “anti-racist” ideology draws support from cultural arbiters as well as corporate human resources departments and left-wing non-profits like Ford, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, the Open Society, and others from the billionaire class, but are widely rejected by the vast majority of working- and middle-class minorities. This is evident in the rejection of politically toxic stances like “open borders,” which has support from the elites, including from doctrinaire libertarians, but is less well-regard by the working and middle classes who have to cope with competition from indigent undocumented people for housing, public services, and medical care, as is evident in places like New York and Chicago.

The border turns out to be one place where the prevailing “anti-racist” ideology backfires even among the ethnic groups most tied to the new migrants.

The reality of totally crazy will bring about a reckoning of the multicultural influences that are wrecking the ‘united’ in the United States. We’d like to add that hero George Floyd was a violent career criminal who was committing crimes the day he died, hopped up on enough drugs to kill him. The gold coffin was the last straw for me. Floyd was used to condone crimes by minorities.


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Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
1 month ago

Affirmative action isn’t going anywhere. Watch Harvard. Bets?

Ancient Alien
Ancient Alien
1 month ago

Corporate America doubled down on AI, once they realized all their DEI hires were completely intelligence free. A quick look at the box checking hiring practices of our esteemed universities show what bozos self proclaimed intellectuals really are.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 month ago

The ‘fentanyl felon’, Floyd, beatified by the Systemic Ignoramuses, inclusive of the Main sewer Stream fake Media. Said MSM just happened to expunge the REAL tragedy that was Cannon Hinnant.