Delusional Mitch says Trump’s ‘fading’ — he can defeat his ‘ragtag network’


If you wonder what Mitch McConnell tells himself when he dreams of the good old days when the Republican Party stood for Big Business and wars, wonder no longer. He tells himself that Trump is a “fading brand. According to the new Woodward-Costa book, Peril, it’s what he tells himself.

Honestly, it’s exhausting watching Donald Trump take on everyone non-stop. He torched Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee this week for quotes attributed to them in the Woodward-Costa book, Peril. But, if you want a man tough enough to save the country, he is literally the only one who gets it and is willing to take it on.

Also exhausting is McConnell continuing the rift when he doesn’t have the people behind him.

He’s misreading the tea leaves and it explains why he’s losing authority among the people, the actual voters, not the donors.

The book quotes:

McConnell allegedly calls former President Donald Trump, “a fading brand. Retired. OTTB as they say in Kentucky — off-the-track Thoroughbred.”

“There is a clear trend moving,” McConnell said, toward a place where the GOP is not dominated by Trump. McConnell added, “Sucking up to Donald Trump is not a strategy that works.”…

Ever the cold-blooded strategist, McConnell, according to Woodward and Costa, appears to believe he can beat Trump’s “ragtag network,” if one were to ever even come together.

“The only place I can see Trump and me actually at loggerheads would be if he gets behind some clown who clearly can’t win,” McConnell is quoted saying in the book. “To have a chance of getting the Senate back, you have to have the most electable candidates possible.”

Huh? No, it’s no longer McConnell’s party. Sure, Mitch has a lot of hangers-on, but it’s clearly the party of the working man now.

We remember when a certain Bush member thought that he could win without conservatives. That was Jeb, of course, and $100 million in donations later, he still couldn’t surpass 5% in the primary. He was misguided enough to think every illegal alien is coming for ‘love.’

These Republican RINOs are in the same alternative universe as Democrats, and they don’t mind selling out the American worker.

Anti-Trumpers Geoff Duncan in Georgia and Anthony Gonzalez in Ohio are giving up without a fight. They aren’t even trying to run. They lost when they bucked Trump.

Liz Cheney will have donations and RINOs backing her but the RINOs will likely convince people to vote for her opponent.

We’re done, baby.

Trump is still the leading Republican candidate. Mitch McConnell’s popularity is underwater at 18% and Donald Trump’s favorability is tied with Joe Biden for now but it’s growing. No one comes close. Why? Because he is the only one who appears to be capable of defeating the Democrat socialists/communists.

A national primary poll taken a week ago found Trump with 58 percent of the vote compared to Mike Pence’s 13. Ron DeSantis, the new champion of freedom, finished almost 50 points behind Trump with nine percent.

The only people fading are RINOs.

Didn’t McConnell notice most MAGAs believe Donald Trump would have won without undue influence and corrupt elections? That enthusiasm to get to the bottom of it has not faded.

If McConnell wants to win anything, he’d better learn to call a truce.

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2 years ago

POTUS Trump 2024

2 years ago

McConnell is a Moron. How he got where his is baffling because he is anything but a Leader. Trump is a Leader. Leaders say things that piss people off because they need to be said to get things done. The Beltway never wants to fix anything because they think if Government worked like a Well Oiled Machine there wouldn’t be a need for Big Government. Well, actually they are right. If Government actually worked we would need less Government; a lot less.

2 years ago

Mitch opened his China mouth a little too soon when he gave the interview, especially given he’s hated more than any member of Congress. It’s nearly impossible to “grow” a Party when you are hated so much by so many. As the Critical Drinker would say, ‘Go Away Now’, Mitch.

Iron Monkey
Iron Monkey
2 years ago

I tell myself I’m Snake Plissken and James Bond but it is just a morale booster and we aren’t in a movie.
Ol’ Turkey Neck is a CCP RAT, look up his wife.
The Grand Old Politburo sabotaged Trump at every turn like the Long March fellow travelers that they are.