Dem Actor Seems Shocked by Thief in Rite-Aid – But It’s all OK in NYC


Democrat actor and all-around Trump hater, Michael Rapaport was a bit undone as he watched one of his fellow Democrats steal a whole host of goods from a New York City Rite-Aid without any interference.

As you know, Alvin Bragg, the new DA, worse than the last awful DA, doesn’t believe that’s a crime.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing this sh*t,” said Rapaport, who is known for his vitriolic criticism of former President Donald Trump but has been an outspoken opponent of the “defund the police” movement.

This f-cking guy just filled his two bags up with everything in Rite Aid, right here on 80th [Street] and First Avenue is walking down the street like sh*t is Gucci. I was watching him the whole time,” said Rapaport in his now-viral video.

“Looking me in my face like ‘what’s good?'” Rapaport claims. “My man just went Christmas shopping in January. He had the condoms, the shampoo.”

The comedian repeated his remarks in a tweet to New York City mayor Eric Adams, who has vowed to slash crime in the city since taking office.

“Duke just went CHRISTMAS SHOPPING at @riteaid,” Rapaport wrote. “I’m TRIPPING this happened in broad day like it was nothing.”

We don’t doubt Rapaport voted for Adams and Bragg if he voted, so he should live with it.



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