TX Teen Out on Bail After Shooting Girlfriend 22 Times While She Was on Her Back


A Texas teen who allegedly murdered his 15-year-old girlfriend by shooting her 22 times is out on bail.

Frank Deleon, Jr., 17, is accused of killing Diamond Alvarez, 15, on January 11 while she was out walking her dog. He posted his $250,000 bond Wednesday morning.

Family members heard gunshots on Jan. 11 around 9:30 p.m. and grew worried because they knew Alvarez was outside, walking her dog named “Peanut.”

Her mother went outside and found her daughter shot 22 times in the 15400 block of Park Manor near Markwood Lane in an open green space, just a couple blocks from their home.

Police said Alvarez’s gunshot wounds were consistent with her laying on her back on the ground at the time of her murder. Numerous shell casings were found around her body.

It sounds like assassination and he’s out?

According to Houston police, Deleon was simultaneously in a romantic relationship with Alvarez and another girl.

When Alvarez learned about the other relationship, she went to meet Deleon in the neighborhood. That’s when he shot her multiple times, police said.

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1 year ago

I thought murder was a crime in Texas? By now the rat bastard is in Mexico with family

Steel Toed Stompers
Steel Toed Stompers
1 year ago

It’s beginning to look a lot like Zimbabwe/Cuba/Venezuela/South Africa.
A feature and not a bug to the Long March fifth column of traitors.
There are easier ways to break up without resorting to shooting someone in the back when they are down.

O/T-High temps of 6 to 8 degrees overnight and right now 18 but it didn’t feel that cold with sweats on under jeans, jogging pants as long johns, long thick socks pulled up like Pippy Longstocking, gloves in mittens, heavy windbreaker coat with button and zip-in mechanic’s jacket liner, steel toed wombat (combat) boots.
Enemedia is on about Red State teacher shortage and especially substitute teachers.
Now they are showing the requirements to be employed. A GED is all you need and to pass the screening.
Bwahaha! National News Literacy Week. Get back to your Chairman Mao shrines, enemedia comrades.