Dem Alderman says it’s gangs, not racism, causing Chicago violence


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is diverting $10 million to combat the emergency of “racism.” She is blaming racism for the growing violence destroying the poor black areas of Chicago.

Rep. Lauren Boebert wrote on Twitter that “Lori Lightfoot just declared racism a public health emergency, while at the same time refusing to speak to white journalists. Irony dies more every day with the Democrats.”

At least one Democrat Alderman agrees with part of that sentiment. Actually, he is now called an Alderperson since that’s what Lightfoot thinks is important as her city grows worse every day.

Residents in one Chicago ward are “giving up” on calling the police as the city is buried in violent crime, according to the city council member.

Alderman Raymond Lopez, a Democrat, described the violence plaguing the city’s 15th Ward and beyond. He slammed Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, whose law enforcement policies and focus on systemic racism are doing little to stop the mostly gang-related violence.

“Generational gang life isn’t just something that’s encouraged. It’s almost revered in some neighborhoods,” Lopez, whose constituents are about 67% Latino and 22% black, told the Washington Examiner in an interview. “If you really want to get to what is at the heart of a lot of this, it is gangs, and it is the borderline collapse of the family unit in many of our neighborhoods … [Lightfoot] has avoided calling out gangs in our community as a source of violence in our city.”

During the first weekend of June in Chicago, police said shootings left five people dead and more than 50 others injured.

The victims included an 11-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy, who were struck while walking city sidewalks or sitting in vehicles. One man was shot while he was asleep in his bed, according to a review of police incident reports.

Lopez places the blame on the lack of leadership from Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

[It’s not just her, of course, Chicago has been a disaster for decades. It’s just getting worse. It’s also not gun violence it’s gang violence. When these gun violators are arrested, they get right out through Lightfoot’s revolving door.]

“You’re fighting at an amorphous enemy as opposed to targeting the low-hanging fruit that you can actually win and have an impact on,” Lopez said of Lightfoot’s focus on racism. “She’s playing the card to ensure that those that elected her stay with her, even as the city spirals out of control.”

Watch Alderman Lopez:

The problem is Lightfoot:

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2 years ago

Democrats have a funny definition of Racism. They keep saying it’s White Supremacist killing Black and Brown people when it really just Black and Brown people killing each other. The Brown people are mostly from across the border Drug Dealers trying to take over turf from established Black Drug Dealers. The common Denominator is Drug Dealers. Go back to serious Penalties for Drugs. You don’t have drug problems in places like Singapore where possession will get you caned and dealing is like a Mandatory Death Penalty. The best part about a Death Penalty is that there are no repeat offenders. All Little Miss Lori Lightfoot needs to do is get very serious about Drugs and make sure the DA and Judges are onboard with no bail for Dealers and serious Bail for users. This isn’t rocket science! If DA’s and Judges don’t play along, then get the Feds to make their miserable. If the Feds won’t help, you can pretty much cancel anyone with today’s Media if you want to. If you cancel DAs and Judges, then take away all Police protection they will get in line pretty quick and do what’s right.

Sun Is Shining
Sun Is Shining
2 years ago

The CPUSA Midwest HQ Chiraq AM blowtorch station would come in on a clear night and the host said that Soros judges let the gang shooters out the next day even if someone was harmed or killed.
Law of the Jungle WAR of all against all is a feature and not a bug to the fellow travelers of the burn it all down collective.
Sadly there will be plenty of muh democracy we are all equal prey for the comrades when the purges go live.