Mayor calls a car accident a ‘terrorist attack against the LGBTQ community’


On Saturday, there was national outrage after the Democrat Mayor of Fort Lauderdale called an accident a “terrorist attack” and a “hate crime.” The FBI was immediately brought into the investigation before anyone knew anything.

According to The South Florida Sentinel, Mayor Dean Trantalis said, “This was a terrorist attack against the LGBTQ community,” Dean Trantalis. “He came here to destroy people. This was clearly no accident.”

Clearly, he says.

There was zero evidence indicating it was deliberate but an attack by white supremacist terrorists was hysterically shouted throughout the Internet.

The driver jumped out of the truck after the crash and “the police grabbed him,” Trantalis added. “He was screaming vulgarities.”

That happens when someone causes a deadly accident.

“We were at the start of the parade, right in front of Fort Lauderdale High School,” said spectator Christina Currie. “All of a sudden there was a loud revving of a truck and a crash through a fence. It was definitely an intentional act right across the lanes of traffic.”

Yeah, but it was an accident.

Justin Knight, the President of the Fort Lauderdale’s Gay Men’s Chorus, confirmed via email to media reporters that the driver was “part of the Chorus family.” Knight added, “To my knowledge, this was not an attack on the LGBTQ community.”

“Here’s our first look at the truck in that hit at least 2 people at the parade in @WiltonManorsCty,” Ian Margol reported. “I’ve covered up the license plate in case this was a horrible accident.”

The reporter was also able to obtain footage of the suspect being led away by police.

“Video posted to Twitter by a WPLG-Ch. 10 reporter appeared to show the driver being taken into custody wearing a T-shirt bearing the logo of the chorus on the back,” the Sun-Sentinel noted about the footage.

In addition, although the chorus’s president Justin Knight declined to reveal the driver’s identity, he stated definitely, “This was not an attack on the LGBTQ community.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are affected,” said Knight, who was not at the scene, the Sentinel noted but recognized the driver from video. “Our fellow chorus members were those injured, and the driver was a part of the chorus family … To my knowledge, it was an accident. This was not an attack on the LGBTQ community.”

One person died and three others are injured.

Democrats don’t care about due process or facts. They immediately run to “terror” and “hate” if the person is white.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

This guy could replace Lightfoot in a second…even if he is not “shaded”…that electorate would not know the difference…

2 years ago

Mayor Dean Trantalis is just a gay lunatic who thinks the world hates all gay people and are out to get him. There is Medical term for this condition! Why the people of Fort Lauderdale vote for Democrats is just crazy, but then there is a lot of ballot harvesting with the old people in Broward County even with Brenda Snipes gone.

Honking Clown Horns of Jericho
Honking Clown Horns of Jericho
2 years ago

The clown shoes grow larger, the honking intensifies!
Year Zero was only about six months ago and all we had back then was a face mask (CCP) and some repurposed mittens. The glorious Wakandatopia awaits.

I bet some comrades of the unity collective consider LGBTQ+ to be a choice while they were born with victim status, how long will this built in sand coalition last?