Gov Cuomo Lit Landmarks Up in Marxist Pan African Alliance Colors


The Pan African Alliance is an All Black organization whose mission is to spread Black consciousness, fight white supremacy, and to support the establishment of a United States of Africa. Since 2014, we have unified members of the Pan African movement through education for Black liberation…

~ Pan African Alliance dot com

Governor Cuomo Lit Up State Landmarks in Red, Black And Green in Celebration Of Juneteenth.

Those are the colors of the Pan African Alliance. You may have seen BLM and Antifa waving those flags.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that landmarks across the state will be lit red, black and green on June 19 in celebration of Juneteenth. Additionally, Governor Cuomo issued a proclamation naming June 19 Juneteenth in the State of New York.

He did both.

The following landmarks were lit in red, black and green last night, June 19, in celebration of Juneteenth:


  • One World Trade Center
  • Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge
  • Kosciuszko Bridge
  • The H. Carl McCall SUNY Building
  • State Education Building
  • Alfred E. Smith State Office Building
  • State Fairgrounds – Main Gate & Expo Center
  • Grand Central Terminal – Pershing Square Viaduct
  • Niagara Falls
  • Albany International Airport Gateway
  • MTA LIRR – East End Gateway at Penn Station

There are two flags apparently.

One flag is this weird flag:

And the other is the Pan African Alliance. The one on top is the actual flag and the one on the bottom is the recreation touted by Good Housekeeping. Do you see now where they are going with this?

Cuomo picked the colors of the Pan African Alliance. You don’t get crazier than the Pan African Alliance. They are a radical communist Black Supremacist alliance. They plan to decolonize the United States and the world.

Go to and you will see that it doesn’t get crazier than that. To join, you have to learn Swahili, the uniting language, and you have to be black.

What is odd is the African merchants are the ones who captured and sold their own black people cheaply, making black slaves popular.

This is a brief clip from one of their podcasts:

Democrats are dividing us using Juneteenth. They are turning us against each other.

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2 years ago

If Blacks really want their own country, as The Pan African Alliance proclaims, I suggest Blacks pack up and go find a country because in an all out fight for America Blacks are out numbered almost 8 to 1. For 60 years now, Americans have given Blacks a serious chance to Assimilate into America culture. About half have chosen not too, that makes the radical Blacks outnumbered about 15 to 1. If you you keep it up the RESET will be swift and with malice. Civilized People will only put up with Barbarians for so long. There is no support for the Communist Democrats who are maybe 10% of the Population with maybe another 10% who are sympathizers. I am preparing for the possibility of a Civil War for a reason. There are too many genocidal idiots like Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in the United States pandering to the least common denominator in society. As to Black Lives Matters, I don’t see too many Blacks in Big Blue Cities giving a damn about Black Lives. When murders in Chicago goes down to maybe 1 a month, then I will consider that Black People value Black lives. Until then, BLM is just another Racist Scam by the Race Baiters!

Cubiks Rube
Cubiks Rube
2 years ago

No, I’m not an American. I’m one of 22 million black people who are the victims of Americanism.
One of the victims of democracy, nothing but disguised hypocrisy. So I’m not standing here speaking to you as an American, or a patriot, or a flag-saluter, or a flag-waver, no, not I!

Malcolm X

Back then (2015), Black Lives Matter became “an official part of the Democratic Party” in the words of the leftist magazine Mother Jones:

“In August, the DNC passed a resolution declaring its support for the movement.”

The essence of revolution is not that a new class shall govern with the old government machinery, but that it shall smash up the existing machinery and govern with a new machine.

Vladimir Lenin

Schmetterling Hornisse
Schmetterling Hornisse
2 years ago

The Long March is complete and fellow traveler CPUSA/CCP comrades no longer have to hide their traitorous ways.
Now comes the burning it all down and purging of deplorable kulak untermenschen.
Voting harder and hoping that the Grand Old Politburo comes around are delusional.