Dem debate with two crazy old men (Videos)


Tonight’s Democrat debate was extremely boring and the moderators asked softball questions with no follow up. The moderators simply gave them ad time. Bernie Sanders continued spouting his radical views and Joe Biden quickly moved to the far left with him.

Biden was mostly cogent this evening and Bernie thinks we live in Zimbabwe. Biden kept coughing. Maybe he should be tested.

The former Vice President will make us “whole,” and both kept confusing coronavirus with SARs and Ebola.

Joe Biden will only deport convicted illegal aliens

Both Biden and Sanders support Sanctuary cities. Biden would not enforce federal law nor will Sanders. Biden won’t deport a soul in his first 100 days in office. Bernie will pay for illegal alien’s healthcare and Biden didn’t object. In the past, Biden has supported free healthcare to anyone who comes illegally into the country.

Roman Catholic Biden will force all taxpaying Americans to pay for abortions.

Biden would have threatened China if it didn’t allow U.S. medical observers. Sanders won’t blame China and claims Trump is lying about China.

Bernie will supply food to everyone. He wants to give therapy to everyone who was affected by the virus.

Biden says the virus is a “war.”

Sanders says the current health system is responsible for the disease chaos.

Both Biden and Sanders want to destroy our fossil fuel energy.


Joe Biden didn’t want to debate during the debate.

Biden’s facts are all wrong, but whatever.

Now he’s mixing it up with SARS. That was 16 years ago:

Oh, wow.

Joe Biden wants everything for free without Medicare for All and Bernie wants everything for free with the completely unaffordable communistic Medicare for All. Gee, we haven’t heard that before.

Biden is going to call out the military.

Bernie’s world, let’s emulate the Chinese and work with them [we did offer and they said no. If we worked with them, we’d have 100,000 dead]:

Free, free, free to the world!

Isn’t this lovely, very constructive:


Republicans are Nazis.


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