Dem DOE to Spend $1,200,000,000 on Tech That Could Cause Earthquakes


The US government will spend $1.2 billion to suck carbon out of the air and bury it deep under the Earth. Some geologists say it will cause earthquakes. Many geologists said it won’t cause earthquakes, but so many say it will have very little effect, so why do it?

It wil be a moneymaker for the elite.

The Democrat Department of Energy (DOE) has been criticized by globalists for plans to hand out up to $500 million to help an oil company suck carbon out of the air in Texas. The UN and other neo-environmentalist globalists don’t want Big Oil involved. They want all fossil fuels gone yesterday.


The Department of Energy announced it would invest in two direct air capture facilities, which will suck the planet-warming gas out of the atmosphere and store it underground.

One of those facilities will be built by Occidental Petroleum, whose CEO Vicki Hollub said earlier this year that direct air capture would help “preserve our industry” and get more oil out of the ground.


The globalist IEA has said that if the world is to limit global warming to 1.5C, there should be no new fossil fuel production facilities. Its forecast states fossil fuel use should fall from providing almost four-fifths of total energy supply today to slightly over one-fifth by 2050.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scientists say the world needs to develop some direct air capture to compensate for the emissions of the hardest to clean up sectors.

[The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is an intergovernmental body of the United Nations.]

Farmers fear the loss of private land under this UN Agenda 2030-inspired plan. They say it’s a scam.


However, opponents of the idea have argued that among other potential dangers, CCS could trigger earthquakes, Climate Central says.

And for years, geologists have said, “tell us something we didn’t know.” Geologists have been aware since the 1960s that pumping liquids and gases into underground rock formations can trigger earthquakes by adding just a little extra pressure to existing faults in a sort of straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back effect.

Other geologists support the idea and are working towards it.

That gives some of us the impression they don’t know enough to advance this technology. Others say it won’t even make much of a difference globally.

Heartland Institute finds it’s a waste of money [Granholm committed $1.2 billion to it.] Key Points:

1: The cost to remove CO2 from our atmosphere through CCS is incredibly expensive. At the very least, it is well more than double the “social cost” of carbon dioxide determined by the Obama Administration.

2: Sequestering just a tenth of global emissions would require burying 50 supertankers’ worth of gas daily.

3: Retrofitting coal plants with CCS technologies reduces their thermal efficiency between 25-35 percent, necessitating the additional consumption of 400-600 million tons of coal to replace lost energy production.

4: A 2015 study by MIT researchers published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A find EPA’s estimate that 90 percent of sequestered CO2 is eliminated in CCS is far too optimistic and that only a small fraction of the CO2 turns to rock, making it possible that much of the gas can find its ways back into the atmosphere.

5: The best, cheapest way to continue to reduce CO2 emissions is to encourage the use of natural gas in our electricity generation mix. CO2 emissions in the United States have been relatively flat since 1990 at the same time that natural gas consumption has increased by 56 percent.

6: Instead of giving subsidies and tax credits to CCS technology companies, better off removing and rejecting unnecessary and detrimental regulations on the natural gas industry.

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