The Science Is Clear! Time to Pull Carbon Out of the Air (DAC)


Financial Times: The Science Is Clear, and it’s time to pull carbon out of the air (DAC) with new technology—another moneymaker for the elite.

That statement doesn’t have to be backed up by science. The science is clear – believe and obey.

“If we want to stabilize the climate, we can’t just reduce emissions; we must also remove vast amounts of carbon dioxide accumulated in the atmosphere. Meeting Paris Agreement goals will require gigatons of carbon to be effectively scrubbed out of the ambient air. This means restoring natural ecosystems that can act as carbon sinks and deploying various carbon removal technologies.

“One promising solution is direct air capture (or DAC), a technology that removes carbon directly from the ambient air through a chemical process.”

That is known as photosynthesis, and it happens naturally. God took care of that.


They like it better than growing trees. As we know, all plants need carbon dioxide. Don’t worry; they can dole out the CO2 and pick winners and losers in the plant world.

They’re doing that now in the animal world. In Ireland, they decided 200,000 farting cows must die. The same thing goes for other farms. That’s taken care of, though. They are going to grow processed meat from a single animal cell.  After years of hearing processed food is bad, that’s what they want us to eat.

“CO2 captured by DAC, when stored geologically, provides a more permanent and assured quantification of carbon removal than when done through afforestation. If not stored, it can be used as a climate-neutral resource for products like chemicals, synthetic fuels, and carbonated beverages.”

The photo they used is meant to bolster their case:
DAC fake messaging photo
This picture is more accurate:
What the US really looks like.

Bill Gates, the Windows thief, also plans to spray chemical clouds over the Earth to reduce global warming.

What can go wrong as they pour our money into these ventures for fake science?

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