One Dem Gov Nixes Masks, While Philly Orders Vax Passports 5 years-up to Dine


“The emergency is over,” according to Governor Jared Polis, who explained on Colorado Matters on Friday that vaccines have changed the COVID-19 landscape, “rendering masks useful but not required in the state’s fight against the pandemic.”

He wants to make sure he gets re-elected.

“There was a time when there was no vaccine, and masks were all we had and we needed to wear them. The truth is we now have highly effective vaccines that work far better than masks … We see [the availability of vaccines] as the end of the medical emergency.”

“I didn’t hesitate to [issue a statewide mask mandate] in the emergency. The emergency is over,” Polis replied. “You know, [state] public health [officials] don’t get to tell people what to wear; that’s just not their job.”

However, the state requires unvaccinated and not fully vaccinated people to wear masks in medical facilities, long-term residential care facilities, homeless shelters, prisons, and jails.


NY tyrant, the unelected governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, passed an unnecessary mask mandate for all indoor venues.  If you don’t have a mask on, you have to show that you are fully vaccinated. In other words, you need a passport of some kind.

“We’re entering a time of uncertainty and we could either plateau here or our cases could get out of control,” Hochul said.

New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other blue cities are doing the same.

Philly Demands Vaccine Passports from 5-Year Olds

Philadelphia just mandated a vaccine passport for indoor dining.

As of Jan. 3, crazy Philly will require customers and employees to show proof they’ve received two shots of Pfizer of Moderna’s vaccine or one shot of Johnson and Johnson. The city will give people an option to use a negative COVID-19 test from the past 24 hours for the first two weeks of the mandate, but that exemption will end on Jan. 17.

Children under the age of 5, who are currently ineligible for vaccines, as well as people with medical and religious exemptions will be permitted to dine indoors if they are carrying a negative test when entering a venue that is hosting over 1,000 people, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

They are going to make 5-year olds show a passport.

City officials also said children ages 5 to 11, who more recently became eligible for vaccines, will only need to show proof of one shot by Jan. 3 but would need to complete the vaccination series by Feb. 3.

They should be more concerned about the crime and filth that far more endangers their residents.

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