Journalists: Criticizing Biden’s a ‘Threat to Democracy,’ Calling Trump Most Corrupt’s Fine


So Now It’s a Threat to Democracy to Criticize Joe Biden!

When the Nazis came to power in 1933, the German constitution guaranteed freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Through decrees and laws, the Nazis abolished these civil rights and destroyed German democracy. Starting in 1934, it was illegal to criticize the Nazi government. Even telling a joke about Hitler was considered treachery. People in Nazi Germany could not say or write whatever they wanted.

The leftist media is afraid Republicans, especially Donald Trump, will win over the next three years. The Left can’t run on the awful agenda and constant string of failures so they set off some trial balloons indicating that criticizing [dictator] Joe Biden is “a threat to democracy.”

Despite the media’s relentless assault on Donald Trump and Republicans, they don’t want any criticism of Joe Biden. The media can call Trump, who followed the Constitution, “the most corrupt” or a “threat to democracy,” the new buzzwords, without a shred of evidence. However, the media is being subtly redirected against any criticism of the actually corrupt Joe Biden, who is continually knocked down for his unconstitutional fiats.

The journalists coming out with this new mantra are subtly letting the media know this is the new talking point. Hillary spewed it out during an interview with Democrat toady Willie Geist. Aside from being a terrible loser, she is claiming Trump’s re-election will be “the end of our democracy.”

No hyperbole is too extreme.

The New Republic and Dana Milbank of the Washington Post are calling for stopping Donald Trump by not criticizing Joe Biden.

This is what every dictatorship does before a nation is taken over. It is so dangerous that it’s hard to find the words. We are almost there as it is.

It is actually what has gone on for some time. There is very little negative press about Biden except for mention of his poll numbers. In fact, you would think he is a mental and physical dynamo if you only read the mainstream newspapers or watch TV news. The Left now wants to make not criticizing Joe into a mission statement for all journalists.

Journalists today have turned into leftist activists who merely spew back the Democrat party talking points.


The New Republic (TNR) praised Biden’s Zoom appearance allegedly shepherding “the world along the path to stronger global democracy, during a two-day summit with other world leaders.”

That would be The Great Reset and during his so-called democracy summit, he could barely speak intelligibly as he read off his teleprompter.

The author of the article, Jason Linkins, a HuffPo editor, is a far-left man who makes a career out of bashing Republicans.

TNR author Lankin writes:

Whether we like it or not, there is reason to be gravely concerned. But against this backdrop, an interesting debate has broken out about the press’s role in protecting our too-fragile institutions and raveled civic fabric from a Trumpian assault—and whether the media, in an effort to support democracy, must unflinchingly support Biden, as well.”

Over the weekend, The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank made considerable waves with a column that rather lustily accused the media of offering President Biden worse coverage than President Trump. At first blush, this might seem impossible, if only because Trump’s actions—through corruption, incompetence, and the need to constantly battle the media—made it almost impossible to cover him favorably. Milbank, however, marshaled some statistics from data analytics experts, who combed through hundreds of thousands of articles to provide a detailed “sentiment analysis” supporting his thesis that “Biden’s press for the past four months has been as bad as—and for a time worse than—the coverage Trump received for the same four months of 2020.”

Biden’s press is much too favorable and it’s dishonest to say otherwise, but the media wants propaganda, not news, to defeat the opposition. If it wasn’t Donald Trump, it would be another Republican.

They are calling for a complete end to the free press and free society.

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