Dem House Member to Introduce Articles of Impeachment for Justin Fairfax


Virginia House of Delegates Member Patrick Hope (D) announced Friday he intends to introduce articles of impeachment for Justin Fairfax unless the Democratic lieutenant governor resigns by Monday following new allegations of sexual assault.

Justin Fairfax is now facing two sexual assault allegations, one from 2000, and another from 2004. The women have presented “credible” narratives, our new standard for conviction. The second accuser who came out Friday, Meredith Watson, has contemporaneous witnesses and documentation.

As Buck Sexton wrote, an honest media would ask these questions as they did of Justice Kavanaugh:

Impeachment is a trial and that is probably appropriate. Fairfax said he will not resign. At this point, he might be better off resigning.

Many are now calling for him to quit, including former governor Terry McAuliffe who was the first to come out.

Our lunatic media has been debating whether rape or blackface is worse, and they are worried about a careless comment by Candace Owens.

There is more evidence that Fairfax is guilty than there was in the case of Justice Kavanaugh. There was no proof Kavanaugh did a thing so where are the crazy women marching on the streets?

An NPR reporter published his statement:

The nineteen senators who work with Fairfax asked him to resign. Senator Mazie Hirono and Rep. Jennifer Wexton joined Terry McAuliffe in asking Fairfax to resign.

It looks like he will have to learn to code.

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