Dem intel prepares for dark times, all is grim, prepare for The Great Reset


U.S. intelligence officials tell us the future is grim. Economic inequality and strained government resources [caused by Democrat policies] have worsened. Particularly concerning to them is the nationalist sentiments they see.

What is wrong with nationalism? It stood us well in the World Wars.

The Global Trends report by the government’s National Intelligence Council is a document produced every four years. This year’s report is designed to help policymakers and citizens anticipate the economic, environmental, technological, and demographic forces likely to shape the world through the next 20 years.

They want a fully centralized United States government. Then the Left can push us right into The Great Reset.

The document focuses heavily on the impact of the pandemic, calling it the “most significant, singular global disruption since World War II, with health, economic, political, and security implications that will ripple for years to come.”

Especially the way Democrats handled it.

The document finds cause for concern in virtually all aspects of life.

It warns, for instance, that the effects of climate change are likely to worsen the problem of food and water insecurity in poor countries and hasten global migration. Though health, education, and household prosperity have made historic improvements in recent decades, continued progress will be hard to sustain because of “headwinds” not only from the effects of the pandemic but also aging populations and “potentially slower global economic growth.”

Advances in technology have the potential to address problems including climate change and disease, but can also provoke new tensions, the report says.

“State and non-state rivals will vie for leadership and dominance in science and technology with potentially cascading risks and implications for economic, military, and societal security,” the report says.

The report also warns of eroding trust in government and institutions and of a “trust gap” between the general public and the better informed and educated parts of the population.

What works is freedom and nationalism, not communistic global governance where only a few elite have power and make all the decisions. It puts academics in charge of the world.


These people in the clip are Nazis.

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2 years ago

What are the Liberal Communist Democrats going to do when the Heartland bans together and starts throwing the worthless Blue States out of the Union? Red States control food and energy. Liberals stole control of the Federal Government, but this is the United States and if they think the majority of Patriotic Americans are doing to tolerate the tyranny much longer, I suspect they are seriously disillusioned. You don’t disenfranchise 75,000,000 Americans without consequences.

First Kronstadt Soviet
First Kronstadt Soviet
2 years ago

Good, good, let them focus on internally or domestic as externals will be making huge moves and laughing at the faculty lounge fellow travelers and right to their face as they return no calls and mass troops on borders and know that nothing will happening.
The BRICS nations are moving quickly as well, China will move quickly on Taiwan in order to launch a world conquering campaign from there, they don’t need an aircraft carrier focused navy in order to own the South China Sea and aircraft carriers are a WWII relic with the advent of supersonic anti-shipping missiles.
The fierce fighting Uncle Joe strikes fear in our adversaries as they know that no stairway is safe.
The stairway to hell.

Global Warming Skeptic
Global Warming Skeptic
2 years ago

Klaus sounds exactly like Soros. Cut their funding and starve them of their resources. one can dream can’t they?