Dem mayoral candidate faked her own kidnapping to win votes


This woman actually wanted police to believe she was kidnapped. Sandra Belcher is a Democratic candidate for mayor in South Carolina and thought a fake kidnapping could win her votes.

Sabrina Belcher was arrested and charged with conspiracy and filing a false police report. She filmed herself being kidnapped, beaten up and robbed in a Facebook live video Tuesday. She orchestrated the whole thing, according to The State. Police say she did this to get “sympathy” ahead of the election.

After she claimed to have been kidnapped she told police that she was “assaulted and kidnapped by an unknown man during an attempted robbery.” Belcher also said the unknown man broke her car windows.

Belcher is one of five candidates in Sumter, South Carolina. She hasn’t dropped out of the race, but, why should she? She’s perfect for politics.

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