Dem ‘protesters’ terrorize father and child & another threatens to burn Jewish area


Update at the end

The “largely peaceful” protests are violent and chaotic. The last thing they are is peaceful regardless of what we’ve been told. The media and the politicians are lying to you. The ‘protesters’ are out there to scream and rant while demanding you believe in their leftist values. They don’t know George Floyd and couldn’t care less about him.

Don’t believe your lying eyes, the media says.


One mob outside a children’s’ hospital in Houston terrorized a father and his small child as they came out to their car. They sounded like barbarians coming in to pillage as the child screamed in fear.

As the father pulled away, they threw bricks at his windshield.

They’re THUGS.

Watch the Democrats:


This man is in New York City threatening to set fire to the Jewish area — the diamond district. The lunatics are empowered.


The Broncos put up the black power/commie fists. Super!


This attack on all police over a few bad cops is disgusting. It’s evil.

*** The man who threatened the Diamond district has been arrested. He will be out by tomorrow, but at least he’s being watched.



  1. President Trump HAS to act immediately! More Protestors are turning into genocidal terrorists. These mass murderers need to be taken out by the Marines or they kill murder up to 30,000,000 million Americans by years end. More of these protests says that Justice is only by vengeance, bloodshed and murder.

  2. These people must not be old enough to understand what that raised fist really means. It’s Not a new thing.

    There’s going to be a point where “some” will come to realize they didn’t know what they were getting in to. By then it may be too late. From what I’ve hear many say, they seem to believe all the ills will be solved by taking care of the “police problem”. They’re assuming many of the social ills and economic hardships result From that. Little do they realize political leaders have tasked the police to intercede in those matters. The problems will still be there, only even More exposed. When police are out of the spotlight the anger will then be directed at the general public, along with the politicians. Since they have all been whipped up to such a frenzy, that day will not be pleasant for the country. They will want action, but nothing can be done. The collective cannot fix that which resides within the individual.

  3. This is the Fox report on it. He first says, “we don’t endorse….” Ooops, I mean we condemn. And then he Really gets strong with, they should be “called-out” for making threats. We wouldn’t want to “offend” anyone, would we.

  4. Are you sure it’s only a “few” bad cops? Seems to me them being assholes is par for the course.

    If there were only a few of them, surely the majority, comprising of the “good” cops, would’ve dealt with them a long time ago. Not seeing that happening really.

    • Figure every job employs 10% losers. That means we have 80,000 bad cops. It’s no worse than other occupation and it’s relatively few but it’s still 80,000 with varying degrees of incompetence or worse. We have bad pilots, bad doctors, and so on. We can’t just single out police officers. 720,000 are doing a good job and protecting us.

      • You’re insidiously toying with English now. A “bad” police officer is not just someone bad at his job. It’s a law person breaking the bloody law.

        Since you like comparisons, think of what it would be like if 10% of the doctors deliberately poisoned their patients, or if 10% of the pilots deliberately slammed the planes into high-rises. That’s the meaning and the magnitude of bad policing.

        And you’re probably mistaken about the percentage either. It has to be more than 10%. The way the police force in the USA is set up calls for that.

        • Is it “bad cops”, or could it be “bad criminals”. I had one occasion of being stopped and the officer said their dog “hit” on the vehicle. I’m not sure he was telling the truth but I sat and waited anyway. That stop lasted for about an hour and a half. My daughter lived not to far from there and they became suspicious because I didn’t know the address. I knew which apartment in the complex where she lived and never paid attention to the address. I suspected they wanted to see if they could aggravate me but since I knew I had no drugs I wasn’t concerned. My son was getting somewhat edgy and told him they are just doing their job and shortly after they ended the stop. Since I didn’t cause any trouble there weren’t any issues. It’s all about “Attitude”.

        • I have heard some mention the name Eric Garner. What did the cops go after him For, and Why. He was selling loose cigarettes. Did the cops go after him because they don’t like people selling individual cigarettes. Whether admitted or Not, cops enforce laws. So WHO writes those laws. There’s all kinds of laws, ordinances and policies that are given to police to enforce. The leaders from the State on down have created the enforcement. So is it with education. You’ll have to ask yourself, Why is it only certain cities are ablaze and not other large metros. It’s quite simple and easy to cry out slogans and not try to understand the depth of the issues that lead us here.

    • You twisted Greg’s words and now you are twisting mine. You’re just here to nit pick and twist meanings.

  5. I’ve had my fill of these criminals. I’ve already been involved in one altercation with them (that they started). Wound up with minor damage to my car. The idiots blocked the streets and were not letting people through. Of course, the police were nowhere to be found.

    I have a conceal carry permit. I now go out knowing that I can defend myself against these rabid dogs.


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