Dem ‘Resistance’ turned out to be corporate shills


The ‘resistance’ Democrats are really the handmaidens of the corporations who have assumed tremendous power. Big Tech is out of control as are so many Wall Street Titans. Main Street is left in the rubble at the Capitol.

The resistance includes establishment Democrats and some Republicans, bureaucrats, corporations, Hollywood, the academics, Big Tech, media, and others who brutally silence ordinary Americans. They want power and control.

The power-mad establishment and corporate shills have their Democrat followers rejoicing in the Stalinesque silencing of half the country. They are using the riot at the Capitol to put authoritarianism in place.

They were never the ‘resistance,’ but we must now become the ‘resistance,’ because they want to make drones of half the country who sees them for what they are. This is a reign of terror.

Dinesh D’Souza calls it a “digital book burning” with media and leftists are “dancing around the flames.” That is well-put.


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