Democrat Administration Indefinitely “Delays” Sale of F-15s to Israel


The Democrat administration has canceled, at least for now, the sale of F-15s to Israel.

Joe Biden and his aides were enraged after Netanyahu released a video calling out Biden for withholding weapons and ammunition from Israel.

They canceled a meeting with Israel to discuss Iran, which was scheduled for Thursday. Some of the Israelis were already en route to the US for the meeting.

In yet another vindictive move, he canceled F-15s to Israel. The Wall Street Journal revealed that Biden is now delaying the sale of F-15 fighter jets to Israel. This came after two Democrats in Congress, Gregory Meeks and Ben Cardin, released their hold on the sale.

From the WSJ:

The $18 billion sale of 50 warplanes is one of the largest arms deals with Israel in recent years, and comes as President Biden is facing calls from leaders in his own party to withhold American weapons to pressure Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept an end to the Gaza war. The administration also is urging Israel to de-escalate tensions along its northern border with Lebanon.

“There is no policy guidance to slow down transfers to Israel,” a State Department official told The Wall Street Journal. However, some in the administration are concerned the deal could lead to broader congressional opposition, the official said.

“We are looking tactically at the timing. It is not a question of whether,” the State Department official said. “It is a question of when.”

The White House declined to comment.

This is as the White House is sending “squadrons of F-16s” to Ukraine. To be honest, the Democrats are abandoning the Jews to curry favor from radical Islamists because they will soon have more voters. They are pouring into the country, and they have a dozen children apiece.

Republicans need to stop referring to the problem being Joe Biden. He’s only a figurehead. These are Democrat policies and all the Democrats are behind them. Republicans need to start saying that because they’re probably going to replace Joe Biden. If he does a bad job at the very early debate, they will definitely replace him.

Correction: The title was changed to indicate Biden said the sale is delayed.

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