In WWIII News, Zelensky Racks Up Weapons & $$$$$



NATO is preparing for war. “Over 500,000 troops in all militaries of NATO armed forces are currently on high alert,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.


Biden sent $250 million to Ukraine last week, and days later, Blinken announced another $400 million.

Biden signed a 10-year security deal and a 50 billion dollar loan to Ukraine at the G7 summit. This has to be the biggest embezzlement, corruption, and money-making scheme in history. This is what the Government, which is supposed to work for us, the people, is doing with our money.

Did I mention that our border is wide open?

We are also $35 trillion in debt. China defaulted on the $1 trillion they owe us, which means China owes us more than we owe them. Yet they don’t pay a dime of interest while we send $50 million daily to China. The debt came from gold bonds when the Communists took power. And, while China has paid other countries like the UK, they ignore the trillion they owe Americans. Our politicians don’t care.

The US government interest payments on the Federal debt are now higher than the annual defense spending.

US President Joe Biden and Zelensky signed a 10-year security agreement on Thursday at the G7 summit in Fasano, Italy. Under the deal, Washington pledged to continue supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia by supplying weapons, training its troops, sharing intelligence, and investing in the country’s defense industry.

We have previously agreed to rebuild Ukraine.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Biden after the signing, the Ukrainian leader said that “the strongest agreement” between Washington and Kiev “clearly states that America supports Ukraine’s efforts to win this war” against Russia.

The deal “has good provisions on weapons for our defense, very specifically on the Patriot systems, very specifically on the supply of fighter squadrons to Ukraine — that’s right, plural ‘squadrons’ — including but not limited to F-16s,” Zelensky claimed. “We have worked for a long time for these,” he added.

This is true:

As reported earlier, the US plans to mandate automatic registration for the draft.

World War III ahead with the US in the lead, deeply in debt, with the leaders who gave us the Surrender of Afghanistan, and we are doing it for the Zelensky dictatorship. He threw journalists and priests in jail, killed at least one, banned elections, banned all political parties but his own, banned Donbas from joining Russia and then started bombing them, and his administration stole US dollars.

Oh, and our borders are wide open. Anyone can come in.

Our relations with China are not going well either. I can’t help but recall the essay by George Soros in which he states we must defeat China and Russia. He does have staff in the White House.

[Our border is wide open, and streams of military-age Chinese men have been pouring in – the ones we know about.]

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