A Whiff of Pfizer-Biden Quid Pro Quo to Influence the Election


If you remember, Pfizer didn’t publish the results of their mRNA trial until after the election because they didn’t want to help Donald Trump win the 2020 election.

As we now know, mRNA wasn’t as advertised. However, it influenced the election even though Donald Trump was the one who pushed for the success of this experimental drug during a pandemic we now know was probably caused by the gain of function experiments in Wuhan that we paid for.

So, Fauci writes in his new book, On Call:

“On November 7, after the absentee ballots were counted, Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election. It was the very next night that Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s CEO, called me away from my neighbors’ fire pit to inform me about the game-changing results from the Pfizer mRNA vaccine trial. I finally thought we had truly turned a corner in defeating this terrible disease.”

Fauci also discussed Trump’s FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, who said that he would not follow the Trump Administration’s plan to roll out the vaccine before the election.

Even the Empire State Building lit up for Pfizer.

Fauci says that Hahn “made it clear to the Trump administration that in terms of vaccine authorization, he and his agency would not be pressured into taking scientifically incorrect action.” He added that “vaccine approvals would not be rushed just because the White House hoped that they would be approved before the election.”

The Biden administration paid them back with the best deals they could only dream about. They were given a lot more than the drug was worth, and they couldn’t be sued for damages from an experimental drug. By 2022, Biden gave them an inexplicable 56% increase for no obvious reason. Before that, he paid $30 despite the original deal calling for $19.50.

Pfizer made billions of dollars from a country deeply in debt thanks to Democrats.

Pfizer influenced an election and was rewarded. Given the corruption of the Biden regime, it could well be a quid pro quo.

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