UK Newspaper Tells the Truth About Unfocused Joe at the G-7


A UK newspaper was criticized for reporting the truth about Joe Biden’s behavior at the G-7. It’s a sad state of affairs in the West. The reporter said Biden looked confused, but there’s nothing new there.

Democrats are fine with having a figurehead, but the rest of us are not. Uncle Joe oddly saluted Giorgia Maloni and President Zelenski.

The UK paper reporting was The Sun, and they were harshly criticized for telling the truth.

The Sun’s political editor, Harry Cole, said there was an awkward moment when the skydivers were supposed to be taking a photo, but Biden wandered off to talk to one of the skydivers.


Cole also mentioned that Biden ducked out of the leaders’ dinner on Thursday night.

The most annoying thing is that the G-7 leaders said Biden presents the kind of leadership they want. How dishonest. Although he gives Europe everything it wants.

I find it hard to believe that Democrats are not going to switch him out sometime this summer for a more desirable candidate, probably anyone.

At times, Biden reportedly seemed sharp, and at other times, he was “losing focus.” One diplomatic insider said he’s “the worst he has ever been.”

Another insider told the Sun the 81-year-old’s public screwups on the first day of the gathering were “embarrassing.”

White House senior deputy press secretary Andrew Bates described the Sun report as “lies.”

He claimed Biden’s successful leadership overseas is advancing our national security. You decide which report sounds sane.

They must drug him pretty heavily to get him through those upcoming debates. The biased moderators will work over time. His handlers plan to train him for ten days at Camp David.

President Eisenhower is rolling over in his grave.

I don’t know who Pismo is, but he did a great job of labeling the “leaders.”

Giorgia babysat. Good work, Giorgia, over and above your job description.

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