Democrat Dream Team of Moore & Hogg Tour Together


Michael Moore gave know-nothing socialist David Hogg a microphone and that was a mistake. Moore had to take the mic away after Hogg incorrectly stated campaign finance law and asked Canadians to commit a felony.

Man-child Hogg thinks foreigners, or Canadian nationals at least, can donate to political campaigns in the USA. Well, why not, right Hogg? Let foreigners influence our elections. That is what illegal immigration is about after all.

Why are these two campaigning for Americans in Canada anyway? They were at a premiere of Moore’s latest nasty film but they were campaigning. Why?

Dems have some superstar dimwits. Let’s not forget Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Keep talking as it is most helpful to the GOP.

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John Macdonald
John Macdonald
5 years ago

The Moore the Hoggier.