Democrat plan to bankrupt Medicare in a year


Democrats now plan to ruin Medicare to get us all on Medicaid as part of their $3.5 trillion ‘human infrastructure’ bill. The plan is for Medicare to completely cover dental, vision, hearing services, and more. They plan to give Medicare to younger people of age 60. Illegal aliens will receive it. Democrats want to give it to people with lower incomes. [watch the clip below]

Medicare is a program for the elderly and disabled. Democrats will turn it into full-on welfare. It’s part of their plan to make more people dependent on the central government.

“Democrats are ramming through a reckless new expansion of Medicare – just as it’s a few years from bankruptcy,” said Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, in prepared remarks at a House Ways and Means Committee session on Thursday as debate began on portions of Democrats’ massive legislative package.

Economic illiterate Bernie Sanders has come up with the plan. The plan to cover the cost is to tax the rich, who already pay most of the taxes. Everything will be at the expense of the rich and there just aren’t enough of them. The middle class will pay for it.

It’s a situation that appears incongruous. Congressional Democrats want to expand Medicare’s benefits while a trust fund that supports the program is facing insolvency. It will be depleted by 2026. However, it’s not incongruous when you consider the ultimate goal.

The system will crash quickly and that’s fine with Democrats. They want Medicaid for All and this is the first step. It is Cloward and Piven in action. It’s Biden’s Build Back Better, which is also the motto of the World Economic Forum (of Great Reset fame).

Democrats are crashing all of our systems to establish their New World Order.


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