R.1 is here! New COV variant found in a KY nursing home


Mu isn’t working out and Delta’s fading, but R.1 is here!

R.1 has infected 45 residents and health care personnel, according to scientist William A. Hazeltine. Many of the infections arose in fully vaccinated people.

“The variant, which originated in Japan, has over 10,000 entries in the GISAID SARS-CoV-2 database. The variant contains five mutations previously noted in variants of concern or interest, two of which are in the Spike protein (Figure 1). It also contains many unique mutations…

“The R.1 variant shares a common origin with all variants of interest or concern.”

The article continues at Forbes, but he sees it as one to watch.

“R.1 is a variant to watch. It has established a foothold in both Japan and the United States. In addition to several mutations notably in the spike and nucleocapsid protein in common with variants of concern, R.1 has a set of unique mutations that may confer an additional advantage in transmission, replication, and immune suppression,” Haseltine added.

President Woolly-Headed wants everyone vaccinated with a drug aimed at the original COV even as new variants appear. The vaccines might lower the severity of the illness but we are no longer sure of that.

Meanwhile, therapeutics are ignored. If you get COV and end up in the ER, ask for IV monoclonal antibodies. You can get it once admitted. They help tremendously.

Currently, the drug companies are working on boosters but the FDA says it’s not clear they will increase cases of myocarditis and pericarditis. Nonetheless, they recommend it for 65 and older even though they are in most danger of heart problems.

The WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom wants the US to give their drugs to the world before offering boosters.

It appears Biden has an interest in doing that. Maybe that’s the FDA’s motive, but that’s just conjecture.

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1 year ago

There’s just No End to these bastards. But I’m sure the majority there will say, “It’ll be fine”.


1 year ago

If “News” channels are going to have some “Doctor” on for an interview, they should be required to inform the public whether or not that particular doctor is a “Corporate Doctor”, because there is significant differences in their opinions on Big Pharma and most everything related to Covid.

1 year ago

Biden is getting desperate with a Live address about, yep, Covid, Again, and putting, Yes, Blinken in charge for a “high level” “Virtual” summit in the beginning of 2022. Of course it only took a minute and his cotton mouth returns. Oh no, “partners with Australia”. How far does that partnership. It didn’t take long for the slurred speech and he hands it off to someone else. Time for a nap, Joe.

1 year ago

The big question no one is looking into is does the Vaccines lessen Natural Immunity to the variants? With the thousans of people at the CDC and FDA, no one seems to be doing any serious research. All the they seem to do is “guess” work; and uninformed guesses at that. What a bunch of Bureaucrat Losers.